what should i do, please read?

what should i do, please read?


I don’t want my hamster any more. Ive had it for about 3 months now. shes a female syrian hamster and shes absolutely evil.

i waited 2 weeks at first before attempting to interact with her. then, i talked to her beside the cage but she starts biting the bars when i talk to her.

I thought this might be normal so i waited another week, she did the same thing, so i tried a different approach. i read online you should let them sniff your hand. well i did that and she bit me so hard blood was gushing down my finger. I was really scared of her at that point.

then i waited another week. i started offering treats through the cage bars a few times daily. this helped. at first she didnt accept them but after a couple of tries she snatched it away. i kept doing this for about a week or two. then i tried the sniffing thing again, but she bit me again. i waited some more, and tried the treats behind the bars again. we were getting no where.

and every time i tried to change her food/water or scoop up droppings, shed try to attack my arm. and i had to lure her into her hamster ball just so i could clean the cage.

and i waited a little longer and then i put a treat in my hand and tried to give it to her, but she bit me AGAIN. so i waited some more and then tried to hand her a treat but she didnt take it. instead she started comming torwards my arm and bit really hard and i bled again.

and here we are, right now. Im scared of her, and i dont want her any more. ive had a LOT of patience but this hamster isnt like any other ive ever had. what should i do? there are no animal shelters within 50 miles of where i live, the pet shop wont take her back because ive had her for more than a week. and ive spent a ton of money on this.

what should i do? dont suggest killing her, and dont suggest just letting her go free.

and i spent like 0 on everything liek the cage and bedding and food and chews and toys not to mention a playpen 3 hidey houses treats ramps ladders another cage tubes 3 wheels and 2 travel carriers! how will i ever get my money back?!

please help!

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12 Responses to “what should i do, please read?”

  1. Keal says:

    Well.. since i’ve been reading a lot the last 5 days about hamsters and Guinea pigs.. i got this nice information about hamsters.

    first.. you don’t need to wait for weeks between each attempt to hold her.

    Hamsters never bite unless they are afraid.. and by nature they are afraid from anyone they are not used to.. sometimes if you don’t start the taming in the right way.. it can take really long time to tame them right.. so try doing this..

    1- at food time put the food on the buttom of the cage with your hand.. not in a plate or anything.. and IMPORTANT.. before you do so.. take a long deep breath and control your fear from that bite.. cause animals can smell your fear and confidence.. after that just put the food slowly.. and remove your hand and watch her eat.. if she didn’t eat .. then just leave her alone..

    2- after 2 days at least doing step 1.. start your next step.. by putting the food on the buttom of the cage and leave your hand NEXT to the food but abit away from her.. it may take few moments for her to come close by and eat but if she doesn’t then give her 1 more day.

    3- do step 2 for 1 or 2 days.. then next step is trying to put the food on the palm of your hand and wait for her to come take it.. that maybe take longer time even.. if she does.. then you made a great step..

    4- last step.. when she is really ok with eating from the palm of your hand and you feel that she is happy while doing it, try to rub her back.. (never touch her head!) they hate it.. and only use your fingers.. and then leave her.. don’t let her feel that you are forcing her to be touched or fed from your hand.. if you feel that she is fully happy with you.. then try to carry her.. making your hand cup shaped and put it around there buttom part of the body is the best way to carry hamsters.. never try to hold them from under there arms.. you can make it hard for them to breath so be careful.. 🙂

    NOTE: always try talking to her while doing the steps so she can get used to your voice 🙂

    also put in mind that not only this could make her unhappy and aggressive, the enviroment she is living at maybe cause this too.. maybe the cage can be a problem.. ( i’m not saying that it is ) but you should keep an eye on these things :).. also being alone can cause that.. but when you think of getting another Hamster.. read carefully about that 😛 cause they may kill each other in 1 night xD

    Hope i could help 🙂 cheers


    try to give it to someone or sale it to someone else this is why you should ask the petstore to let you hold the animals 1st to see is that animals is tame and if it healthy

    you may just wanna buy a new hamster and sale or give the one you have to someone else just an idea dont have to get rid of the set up
    or just let her be

  3. Venus says:

    Is it an adult or a baby? Because it sounds like shes older and territorial right now in her cage.

  4. GT-R says:

    Give it to a cousin you don’t like or a friend and when they try to give it back say my mom or dad or brother or sister is also allergic to it.

  5. dwilso46 says:

    lets take a step back and recognize the situation. You bought a hamster, and a cage for said hamster, and the hamster is presumably happy with the exception of biting you. Sounds like its time you start treating this hamster the same way you’d treat a 150 dollar gold fish. you can’t possibly tell me you expected to buy a hamster and it become a loving and loyal pet…its not a dog, or even a rabbit, its a hamster.

  6. Brett says:

    If your still up to keeping her you might try handling her with a pair of gardeners rubber gloves, a durable kind. She won’t be able to bite you then and handling her frequently might stop the behavior. You can even buy a spray used to prevent dogs from chewing things. Its a couple dollars at wal mart. Spray the gloves and then handle the hamster, the bad taste and you not pulling away might stop the behavior. Look up operant and classical conditioning for explanations why this would work.

    If you are sure you are not keeping her than you can either sell her to a friend or donate her to a school where she can be kept but not handled maybe. That or buy a new hamster that is bigger and a male. Put them together and see if he might calm her down or lower her hostility.

  7. April says:

    i suggest you advertise your hamster on craiglist. http://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ you can sell your hamster stuff on there. other people do. or you can have a garage sell. also you can ask friends if they want a free hamster.

  8. Kari says:

    That’s the risk with getting hamsters – sometimes they just can’t be tamed. Do more research before spending so much money on a pet. If you are looking for a pet in the future and are limited to rodents – get something like a guinea pig. They tend to be A LOT more friendly.

    As for your hamster – either deal with her for her short 2 year-ish life or give her away for free. Honestly, those are the only options you really have.

  9. Very General says:

    No one will pay $150 for a hamster with all the accessories, so no, you won’t get any of your money back.

    Hamsters, mice and birds are hard to find homes for, simply because they are so cheap at pet stores.

    If I were you, I’d relinquish it to a shelter, even if you have to drive for a couple of hours.

    ETA: My apologies to the poster who suggested giving it to an elementary school, but that’s not a good idea. Since the hamster bites, children would be hurt.

  10. dude says:

    sounds normal to me.

    1) If you can manage it, just take care of her, but realize that you won’t get the love and affection that you were hoping for. She won’t live very long.
    2) craigslist
    3) consider this a learning experience. did you really have to buy all of the accessories up front?
    4) give just the hamster to some elementary school teacher, and try to sell the rest on craigslist.

    Good luck!

  11. B r e e says:

    Aww, poor thing. I had a mouse like that, I absolutely hated It too. But I don’t think anyone else would want it, so don’t give up on it. I mean it’s going to die if you just dump it out on the streets. Just keep doing what your doing now, you’ll feel better about yourself for giving it a nice home. =]

    Next time choose your hamsters better! Aha!

    Oh and If your going to hold or touch it, wear thick gloves, yo.

  12. Buggs says:

    Well, I would just drive to the shelter, heck, I’m about 85 miles from the nearest wal-mart.about an hours more drive to any where else. Not kidding either. I haven’t been to a mall in a LONG time.

    Yeah, take it to the shelter, or put up with it, good thing they don’t live that long. With all the hamsters I’ve owned, I think they are all evil. I would suggest researching rats for a pet. They bond really well. Most people consider them really smart tiny dogs.