What should i do, my dog needs to loose weight now!?


I have a 8 year old Shih Tzu. He weighs 14 pounds, 4 more than he should weigh. He eats prescription food due to allergies. He is fond of carrots, peppers, and cucumbers, so sometimes I chop them up and put them in his food. He used to be a free feeder but I have established meal times giving him 1/4 cup food in the morning and 1/3 cup food at night. I am worried about his weight. We recently had to get him a new collar due to his obesity. Please help!

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    4 Responses to “What should i do, my dog needs to loose weight now!?”

    1. Jason A says:

      Take Him or her to The vet maybe they have a specialist on dogs tat are over weight

    2. doc's wife says:

      I’d start with a trip to your vet to make sure he has no medical reasons for the weight gain- then ask about a diet plan

    3. Amy P says:

      Contact your vet and ask how much you should be feeding on that food to help him loose weight. Stick to it!

    4. smokehillfarm says:

      Definitely see the vet to rule out tumors, etc., and ask him how far it’s safe to cut back that food. I’d also ask him if those little veggie treats are advisable for his particular condition. Unusual treats like that can sometimes cause problems for dogs on a restricted diet.

      Needless to say, skip those between-meal treats and leftovers, too — though one or two little doggie treats a day is probably OK