What matters to you most? Your Physical Body? or your eternal Soul?


“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mat. 16:26).
In 2 Peter, we are told that someday the earth will undergo a fiery renovation. All of nature and everything man has created will be completely destroyed.

“..The heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness” (2 Pet. 3:10-11).

What is more important to you?

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    32 Responses to “What matters to you most? Your Physical Body? or your eternal Soul?”

    1. Yowsie says:

      My Eternal Soul followed closely by my Body.

    2. Potter'sClay-Isa 64:8 says:

      My soul,..
      which is now ….
      +Redeemed by the Salvation shed at the Cross
      +Rescued by the Grace, extended on the Cross
      +Bought by the Blood of the Lamb
      +Sealed by the Name of the LORD
      +Engraved in His palms

      Living in His Grace alone!!
      In Christ!

    3. anna says:

      My soul. I like to think my soul is in better shape than my body, and perhaps more attractive. That sounds superficial but that’s not what I meant. I do get tired of being "plain" though, and being told "you have a good personality" which is polite-speak for "You’re ugly."

    4. k716 says:

      Obviously my soul. My body won’t be around for ever; it’s only a physical thing, so it will eventually die.

    5. oatesmokid says:

      The Genesis account shows that a living soul results from the combination of the earthly body with the breath of life.The expression ‘breath of the force [ru’ach,of life]" [Ge 7:22] indicates that it is by breathing air [with its oxygen] that the life- force , or ‘spirit,’ in all creatures, man and the animals,is sustained.This life force is found in every cell of the creature’s body.My body and soul are one and the same.

    6. tikiman127 says:

      i accept Jesus but like the bible says many will claim to know me. but i shall not claim to know them. so to be honest with you i want to seize to exist at times.

    7. bigger_than_bear says:

      You pose two questions. Don’t think you are playing fair here.

      You ask " What is more important to you"
      What is more important to me is,Love.

      What is more important to you? To love or to be right.

      Pay close attention to what the apostles all agreed upon on what Jesus said. It was about love. This is were they agreed the most.
      Love and let God be right.
      The rest will come after, weither the physical or Soul is more important.

      Don’t forget that Soul uses this physical body to get its experience, body in poor shape, not so good of experiences.
      God love Soul and wants the best for it.

    8. keoh6 says:

      Our bodies are simply a shell to house our souls. I would have to say my soul is most important. It lasts forever.

    9. Ray Patterson says:

      If by soul you mean your principles, your integrity, then naturally that is more important. I’m not sure what exactly is a break in my integrity, and this is of course very important. After all, if it’s ok to lose a little bit of integrity, how is it still integrity? Still, at some point my life would have to give way for my principles. I hope. But heaven? Hah! I hope I have the integrity to refuse that.

    10. Tapestry6 says:

      Both are important because at the end of the world are soul rejoins with our body. We shouldn’t treat our bodies with disdain nor treat our spirituality as a nonenity. There were actual sects that would treat their body badly thinking this was the best way to glorify their soul.. but we are both.. and we need treat them equally the same.

    11. tater says:

      My eternal soul of course because it is going to last for eternity but I will get a new glorious body.

    12. Larissa D says:

      Well I can’t really masturbate with my invisible soul so. . . . .

    13. texas nanna says:

      my body will rot when i die, and the worms will crawl in and out and play pinucle on my snout.lol. i choose my soul.

    14. common_sense_don't_hurt says:

      Certainly, my eternal soul matters a great deal more to me. The physical body is merely a temporary vessel for the soul.

    15. Kim S says:

      My body… it’s here and I know it’s real. I don’t know what to expect when I’m die but I’m surely not living my life a certain way because of a possibility of there being a heaven or hell … Give me some real proof and maybe I’ll change my way of thinking.. but I doubt it

    16. ~zoe~ says:

      Just to get it out, I’m an athiest.
      But to answer your question, soul.
      Beauty without soul is artificial, but there is no such thing as soul without beauty because your soul is what makes a person beautiful.

    17. SuperAtheist says:

      I don’t have a soul, and my body doesn’t matter to me.


    18. birdy says:

      The one i have, a body.

    19. Don H says:

      Many people see themselves as having a soul. This is not correct.

      They are a soul temporarily experiencing it’s self as a body.

      Not a body with a soul.

      A soul with a body.

      Love and blessings Don

    20. Tamara S says:

      Who do you love most, your daughter or your son? Both are equally important in this life, but neither is all that I am.

    21. alexandersmommy0505 says:

      My Soul

    22. farien3 says:

      Let’s see…the part that no one can prove to me actually exists and for which there is no real evidence, or the part that I live in, live with, and only live at all because it works properly…tough call…let me get back to you on that.

    23. oso_loco1961 says:


    24. Mr Obvious says:

      My body. There is no evidence of anyone having a soul. People have "soul" like James Brown did, but there is no evidence of anyone having "A soul."

    25. yousedummy says:

      Body. It’s real.

    26. gwhiz1052 says:

      Jesus has always been first in My life.God bless.

    27. Magley64...SF says:

      i like my body, i need to do more crunches though…the abs aren’t as 6 pack as they were mid summer…

    28. Kjelstad says:

      My body.

    29. Jenae (resurrected) says:

      out of the two choices I’d have to pick the one that exists…my body

    30. primoa1970 says:

      Eternal soul…..

      And the incorruptable body that I will be receiving someday.
      (1 Corinthians 15:51-58)

      Praise God!

    31. hghostinme says:


    32. jesussaves says:

      my body will perish and return to dust

      my soul is eternal and will get a new body that cannot die

      will enjoy heaven or suffer punishment if i reject Jesus

      I accepted and THANK YOU JESUS