What makes the pads on the bottom of a dog's foot fall off?


My mother’s friend noticed her soft coated wheaten terrier walking funny this morning, she checked and his paw pads were falling off, what causes this so i can prevent it from happening to my dog?

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    9 Responses to “What makes the pads on the bottom of a dog's foot fall off?”

    1. Josie826 says:

      That is not normal and the dog should be taken to the vet right away. The dog may have cut its pad or could have gotten into something that is eating the pad. Have your friend take the dog to the vet, as it could get infections.

    2. myjays22 says:

      running on hot cement could do that, but just in case call a vet.

    3. yarmiah says:

      The pads on the paws form callus’s, just like on human feet.

      My dog just had a similiar experience. After a rough play date at the dog park, I noticed my dog was limping and I had found his paw pads were "peeling". I treated it with hydrogen peroxide and kept an eye on it for infection, which never happened. They pads were fine a week later and its business as usual.

      Just keep an eye on your dog should he over exert himself exercising, he may never have this happen, and if he does, its no big deal.

    4. Aggieprada (papillon lover!) says:

      IDK I’ve never heard of that!! Hope they took that dog to the vet!
      I doubt it’ll happen to your dog maybe their is something wrong with that dog or he stepped on glass or something sharp!
      Just be careful where ur dog walks i guess!

    5. kana121569 says:

      This happened to my lab after I took her for a walk on a very hot day. I didn’t realize that her pads got burnt from the hot pavement until the skin started falling off a couple days later.

    6. cali_goodin says:

      Does he walk on rocks

    7. Madeline says:

      I have never heard of that before. Maybe something was on his paws and she mistaken it for his paw pads?

    8. Lioness says:

      Falling off? That does not sound right. The dog needs to go to the vet. Must be some kind of injury.

    9. ragapple says:

      running on hot, hard ground can do it (and YES I have seen it on GRASS surfaces)
      BUT there is also an autoimmune problem that can cause this…..