What kind of spider is this? Ewww….?


It’s got a red upper half like… 8 the top of the 8 is red, and so are the top two legs. But the bottom and bottom 2 legs AREN’T black, it’s light-ish brown, like a sort of Khaki color. Google wouldn’t tell me!

Anyway I live in Iowa, US so it’s not one of those weird Australian ones. Umm but it was a little bigger than a quarter and I’m SUPER grossed out! the body was thinner (not tiny though…) and the legs were sorta thick, not like a daddy longleg.

Is it gonna kill me o_o I think it was hiding under my couch. Now it’s underneath my dog’s kennel and I’ve escaped to the kitchen with an avocado, I’m scared.
Sorry meant the 2 legs on each side, I know spiders have got eight legs

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4 Responses to “What kind of spider is this? Ewww….?”

  1. Tobias says:

    Yeah, sounds like a Woodlouse spider, and they are totally harmless to you and your dog. Woodlouse spider primarily eat woodlice- those little pillbug/millipede looking bugs. They’re good for pest control indoors and out.

    If you don’t want the spider in your house, get a glass and place the mouth over the spider. Then slide a piece of thick paper or carstock or carboard under the glass and slowly up-end it. Take the spider outside, as far from your house as is comfortable for you, and take the paper off the mouth of the glass. You can leave the glass until you’re certain the spider is gone, or carefully shake the spider out and take your glass back inside.

    I say "carefull" and "slowly" so you don’t jostle the spider too much- they’re not as tough as they look.

  2. Ḳạḳạṛịḳị says:

    lol…Good to hear that you escaped "with an avocado".
    The spider might be a Woodlouse Spider, (Dysdera crocata).
    Here’s some info. about them:

  3. Maximillius!!! says:

    one thats breeding inside your dog. SHIT A DOG WITH EIGHT LEGS?

  4. Mii>.< says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t help you. . .Just kill it and then everything will be fine and you will have nothing to be afraid of. lol