What kind of small pet would you suggest for me?

What kind of small pet would you suggest for me?


I’m going to be moving to Hong Kong this summer so I can finally keep an exoticish pet! 😀

I live in Iceland at the moment which is way too cold for lizards/snakes/tropical fish unless I get a UV thing and lots of heat mats. But in Hong Kong it should be warm enough to just have a small UV thing and a heat mat if you suggest any kind of reptile.

Anyways I’ve had a tarantula, a couple of rabbits, lots of goldfish and a terrapin if that helps. It needs to be small, easy to take care of/clean and needs a small living area. It can be anything from hamsters, canaries, geckos, clown fish to snakes. I think I can find just about any animal to buy in Hong Kong so it shouldn’t be too much trouble trying to track it down if your suggestion is very exotic.

Thanks for answering ☺

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    4 Responses to “What kind of small pet would you suggest for me?”

    1. Patrick says:

      I had a pet rock once called Rocky. Rocky was very easy to look after and ate almost nothing.
      It was very obedient, I could take it anywhere without it embarrassing me and did great tricks.
      Like, Stay, play dead, beg. But I had to help it do roll over and fetch. Sometimes I would give
      Rocky a bath when it got dirty but it never smelled.
      Though one of my friend said to me one day; What do you fwo at wabbits? wocks he said.
      I miss Rocky.


    2. Beckay Cwoe says:

      Why dont you just get a nice small carpet python? They make great pets. Very low maintenence and somewhat trainable. You dont have to keep them in their cage all day, you can really hang out with these snakes.

    3. traveller says:

      Maybe a Beta fish. They are very easy to take care of but they only live for a few years. Mine died when he was 1.

    4. Animal*Luv*4ever says:

      *Domestic Skunk
      The domestic skunk can be an ideal pet. While they are not legal yet in all states mostly because of misconceptions about the skunk and the fact that there is not a legal rabies vaccination approved as of yet. Many states will require a permit before you purchase a skunk. Check your country’s laws and local laws before purchasing a skunk. Domestic/Pen Raised Skunks are at no more risk of contracting rabies than any other domestic animal. Skunks can be stubborn, strong for their size, intelligent, friendly, and highly curious. It takes a patient person to own a skunk. They have their scent glands removed before they are sold. They are very quiet animals.

      *Sugar Glider
      The Sugar Glider is a marsupial from Southern Australia. They make sweet, affectionate little pets. They love human attention and love to play. They sleep in the daytime and play at night so this may make an outstanding pet for a nocturnal human. These little sweeties require a healthy specialized diet. They cannot consume fat. The majority of their diet is fruit and vegetables (75%). They should receive protein (25%). It is unsafe for the sugar glider to roam free in your home. They do chew on drapes and furniture. Bright light can permanently blind them. Provide a proper enclosure for them. A cage should be no smaller that 24" inches in diameter and 38" tall.

      *Hedge Hog
      Affectionately know as the "Yuppie Puppy" since its popularity as a pet is a recent occurrence. Hedgehogs are around 6 inches long and have quills on the top portion of their bodies. Their undersides are soft fur. These pets are also nocturnal. These little armored animals need to be caged. They require an exercise wheel and toys. Check the legalities of hedgehogs before purchasing. They do not take up a lot of space, and are very quiet.

      They are loving and playful little animals. They are relatively quiet except for occasional chuckles. They take up little space and use a litter box. They should be caged and let out when they are supervised. Make sure your home is escape proof before bringing your new pet home. They can get out the smallest of holes. Some of their means of escape may be a dryer vent, a heat vent, or even a mouse hole.

      If you use a cage, let them out frequently for exercise and playin. Ferrets require a high protein, high quality food. There are commercial ferret foods available. However, they can be fed a high protein kitten good (not cat food) such as Iams. Ferrets require vaccinations.
      Ferrets should be spayed and neutered and their scent glands removed. You will usually buy them descented and neutered. Check legalities before purchase. They are not legal in all places. Ferrets make outstanding pets.