What kind of padding should I use for my dog's dog house?


I have a dogloo for my Golden Retriever and every padding I’ve put in it for him to sleep on, he has chewed up. I even put the supposedly non-chewable pad and it was gone in a few days. I spent about on that too! I’ve tried carpet, but that’s proven to be a health hazard. He not only chews on it, but it also gets stuck in this throat. It’s getting cold now, so I’m out of ideas.

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4 Responses to “What kind of padding should I use for my dog's dog house?”

  1. Bobbie L says:

    I have a novel idea! Why don’t you bring the dog inside?

  2. Marycarol and John says:

    alot of people try hay or straw,,they will keep warm from this too

  3. jamie says:

    Try cedar shavings. That’s what we use for our hunting dogs that stay outside. But FYI, dogs usually chew because they’re bored (just like my Pitbull will eat blankets/carpet/any bedding in her crate if she’s not walked daily).

  4. Misery Barnard says:

    I’m assuming if he’s going after carpet he wouldn’t do well with blankets.. Hay or some other small animal type bedding might work.