What is your experiances with pet insurance for rabbits?


We have 2 young rabbits and were wondering how VPI pet insurance is, co-pay, customer service, total payout, excetera. Anything you can tell us will be appreciated. Also, do you know of any other pet insurance that insures rabbits? Have any comments on them? Thanks!
I can’t belive the stupid answers I am getting, rabbits are wild animals, pet insurance is stupid? This question is for real people that have real pets, that use real pet insurance.

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    One Response to “What is your experiances with pet insurance for rabbits?”

    1. scarfiespudsushi says:

      I have had it on my ferret it basically just covers emergenicies no routine checkups or vaccinations, spay nuetur etc. and there are certin things it dosent cover but it is good to have just in case you would have to call them to find out exactly whats covered on rabbits. Although with this insurance you pay the vet up front then get reimbursed by the insurance company. The best thing to do is get a list of what is covered and what isnt and talk with your vet about it.

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