What is the difference between a Dog bed & cat bed?


Whats the difference?? Can both be used on a dog or cat??

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    9 Responses to “What is the difference between a Dog bed & cat bed?”

    1. Andy says:

      The only difference is the way stores and companies market the product. Just buy whatever you think your pet would like. Regardless, cats will sleep wherever they want to.

    2. HannahKinz says:

      the only difference is the size so if you have a cat you can still use a dog bed for the cat and if you have a small dog that will fit in a cat bed then you can use if for the dog

    3. Ocimom says:

      None – other then the dog beds come in a LARGE size – but the small and medium ones can be used by cats too. However, don’t be surprised if the cat still likes the couch and your bed a lot better.

    4. Katherine says:

      look in the middle of the bed. if you see something that looks like a dog then thats probably a dog bed. now with the cats bed you do the same thing…maybe poke it with a stick if its little to see if it hisses at you. yes then that would be a cats bed.

    5. spy101 says:

      ones for a dog and one is for a cat

    6. Tanya says:

      Size 🙂

      Yes as long as it’s big/small enough.

    7. Samantha says:

      as long as the bed is big enough i dont think it matters

    8. Vlad B says:

      one is bigger than another.

    9. Café Mocha Valencia says:

      Just size. Also dog beds they’ll put bones on while cat beds they may put paws or fish. I don’t think your cat will care as long as it’s big enough for it.

      Another difference is their FAR less used than dog beds are. Dogs will sleep where you tell them to. Cats will sleep where THEY want to. So don’t spend a lot of money on a cat bed as it may not end up being used. And don’t get mad if your cat doesn’t want to sleep on it. Mine prefer to sleep up on the bed with me. To make it warmer for them and keep your comforter from getting a lot of hair on it just put small pet blankets down.