What is the best way to teach a dog to go on a wee wee pad?


My 6 month old puppy goes to the bathroom all over the carpet and there are pads out.

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    5 Responses to “What is the best way to teach a dog to go on a wee wee pad?”

    1. DropsOfJupiter says:

      We will be using pads for our dog’s entire life. I don’t let her walk barefoot outside and expecting others to put her shoes on her every couple hours isn’t feasible when I’m not home to do it. We let her sleep with us (she doesn’t wet the bed at all) and took her to her pad first thing in the morning and gave her a treat when she went. It took her a while to get really good with it and she still isn’t 100% if she’s shut in my room for too long (there’s no pad in there because she shreds them if we put them there), but she’s not bad. She’ll also ONLY poop behind the TV, so we just put a pad there as well and pick up after her right when she goes. She has firm-enough stools and we have hardwood there anyways so it isn’t a big issue. Honestly with small dogs (mine is full grown at 7 months and 7.4 lbs), as long as you clean up after them it isn’t a biggie.

    2. sisu says:

      The pup is confused.
      Buy an enzyme cleaner to get rid of all the urine odor in the house.
      Stop using the pads. Train the pup to go outside.
      Google positive reinforcement house training.
      Positive reinforcement = Praise and Rewards
      No hitting. No rubbing the nose in it.
      Keep the dog attached to you with a long leash or in a crate when not watched 100% of the time
      Google positive reinforcement crate training.

    3. Tr says:

      take the dog outside. "wee wee pads" are a waste of time and mula.

    4. pineapple says:

      Try putting it in a small room or laundry at night with a few pads.

    5. JenVT says:

      train it to go outside instead. it is the only option unless you want to invest in a carpet cleaner.