What is the best kind of muzzle for a 14 lb dog who doesn't cooperate with the vet techs?


Does anyone have this problem? Does a flexible plastic muzzle work well or a Mikki Muzzle? Thanks

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    6 Responses to “What is the best kind of muzzle for a 14 lb dog who doesn't cooperate with the vet techs?”

    1. Berner Sennenhund says:

      Most vets keep an assortment of muzzles at the clinic for this purpose..for small dogs and cats I prefer the "Air Muzzle" (especially for brachycephalic breeds like pugs) my next option would be a basket muzzle and nylon muzzle would be my last pick.

      Air Muzzle aka "the space helmet" :

    2. ♥Cat♥ says:

      How would you like muzzled? I can not believe that this still exists!!

    3. Dreamer says:

      A plastic or metal basket muzzle is the safest option. Most dogs can find ways around nylon muzzles, and in order to hold their jaws shut tight enough to keep them from biting, you’d have to impair their breathing, which isn’t safe. A basket muzzle allows them to breathe normally without the risk of them being able to bite.


    4. gbcrunch says:

      Since most smaller dogs are indoor, they really don’t need teeth for protection. I suggest detoothing your dog. No more chewed up furniture or worrying about kids getting bit. You will just have to feed them wet food, which most dogs like better.

    5. samiah lowe says:

      Either works great but a cheap nylon one is the best for just vet visits

    6. Lorraine says:

      lol – love your choice of words…

      A mikki muzzle is fine for short time periods and a plastic one for longer periods. The plastic type is the safest if he is that uncooperative…

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