What is the active ingredient in pet odor eliminators?


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    2 Responses to “What is the active ingredient in pet odor eliminators?”

    1. weakestlink11 says:

      I tried to find out. All I could discover is that most of them list "enzymes" as an active ingredient, but do not specify which ones or in what proportion. I have a feeling that this is a "trade" secret – information not available to the general public.If they are getting $30 for a quart bottle of this stuff, the manufacturers aren’t likely to reveal the formula. If everyone knew, they could make their own (which is why I suspect you want the info).

    2. Wilma F says:

      below is a link to ehow on eliminating pet odors. I have used these methods and they do eliminate odors and stains but I suspect they only eliminate them to the human nose because my pets would still go back to those spots to use.

      as far as over the counter products you can buy: I like Get Serious the best. I buy it from PetSmart. it runs about $14 for 32 oz. I use it mixed w/ water in my carpet cleaner. I’ve had fewer mishaps since switching to it.

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