What is a quality, affordable vacuum for hardwood floors and area rugs for pet hair & allergies?

What is a quality, affordable vacuum for hardwood floors and area rugs for pet hair & allergies?


My golden retrievers shed a lot, and one suffers from allergies. I need a vacuum that will do a good job of sucking up the dirt, grass and leaf pieces the boys always seem to bring in, long hair (theirs and mine) and the bits of toy stuffing fuzz that stick to my rugs long after a toy is tossed in the trash and I run my current vacuum. A good filter is also key, because of the allergies. I know the Dyson Animal is popular, but I need something under 0. I was going to buy a Shark Navigator NV22L, but read some reviews that indicate the vacuum works well for the first few months, then needs expensive repairs that are not covered under the warranty. It would also be nice if the belt was durable, or easy to replace, as my current vacuum needs to be taken apart and have several screws removed every month or two when the belt breaks.

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5 Responses to “What is a quality, affordable vacuum for hardwood floors and area rugs for pet hair & allergies?”

  1. yockers scarfo says:

    Mm… Is it you want? http://styleasy.info/3269/area-rugs

  2. clayton says:

    Check out HEPA filtration if allergies are involved.

  3. Hilary says:

    For your own good and peace of mind, buy a vacuum with the very best suction. I have a cat who sheds so much hair you’d think he should be bald by now. I bought a relatively cheap machine and it’s useless, before I vacuum, I brush the carpets with a hand scrubbing brush because I know my vacuum won’t pick up the hair that somehow weaves itself into the pile. Be warned!

  4. like this or like that says:

    We have a dog that sheds all over the place….so we have the same problem also one male here suffers from an allergy….would reccommend brushing Mutt outside in molt…it helps!
    Dyson are the biz in vacuum cleaners, I think the best!….but expensive
    A better option if you are not willing to pay for a Dyson is the Hoover Paws vacuum
    (pet approved wind tunnel system) designed for pet hairs, dander, etc …..
    That small spinning thing that they give with this hoover as an attachment is prone to not work but Hoover works ok…I like the automatic retractable cable which is not a feature on this model
    There are some little annoying things with vacuums but this will do the job….still rate the Dyson
    vacuums as the best but expensive….if they only would lower the price!!!

  5. A. Spruce says:

    What is more expensive, a quality $400 vacuum cleaner or cheap vacuums that either don’t work or don’t last? You need to look at your vacuum cleaner as an investment, not an expense. As an investment, you purchase a top quality machine it’s going to last you a good long time and give better performance.

    Dyson makes a great vacuum. I’ve had my DC07 for over six years without any hassles and it works as well today as the day I bought it. The DC07 is a standard upright vacuum. I’ve used the DC25 ball as well, and don’t care for it because all the weight above the pivot point, so it will flop to the side if you’re not physically holding it steady. That is cumbersome and fatiguing to the user. It does not steer as well as advertised and it is not stabile when parked in the upright position for using the onboard hose. The "vacuum" portion of a ball is exactly the same as the standard upright, so as far as cleaning performance goes, it is great. IMHO, Dyson makes the best bagless vacuum, and if you want to eliminate pet odor throughout your home, you’ll want a bagless vacuum because it will not harbor odors within a bag to be ejected back into the environment every time the vacuum is used.

    Here is where that investment kicks in. I paid $400 for my DC07 six years ago, that works out to just $66 per year. Not bad when you consider that vacuums around the $100 – $200 mark don’t last nearly as long nor perform nearly as well. You can also find refurbished Dyson vacuums in the $200 range.

    Miele is also another excellent choice. I like Miele because they’re quiet and durable. I like Dyson because it’s bagless and won’t harbor pet odor like a bagged vacuum will. If you’re on a budget, then you may want to consider a Shark Navigator which is a lightweight compact vacuum with full sized features and abilities at about half the price. There are conflicting reports as to the life span of a Shark, but at $200, it’s a good value for the dollar.

    If you really have to go with an inexpensive vacuum, stick with Hoover or Bissell, as they’re the best of the cheap.