what is a good size Food & water bowl sizes for Havanese dog?


Basic Stainless steal
16 oz.
5.5" Diameter or
32 oz.
6.5" Diameter
64 oz.
8.5" Diameter?

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    4 Responses to “what is a good size Food & water bowl sizes for Havanese dog?”

    1. Pinky Promise says:

      about the size of one of those plastic swimming pools

    2. Jessica Gordon says:

      Honestly any of those sizes will do, you just have to be careful to fill the water bowl if it’s getting empty. Dogs need a lot of water, just like we do. As for the food, it depends on how much your dog is supposed to eat, but really it doesn’t matter. As long as he/she gets what he/she needs, it’s all good. Good luck!

    3. Christopher S says:

      Look on the back of the food, see how much food the dog will eat in one day. Decide is yo are feeding once or twice, then buy a bowl, that will hold that amount. Water, I always get a big bowl.

    4. Best of the Bernards says:

      I don’t think it really matters the size of the food dishes, but it depends on how much food that dog needs. If it needs 2 (cups) than maybe you would want to choose a bigger selection. If it only needs half a cup than the dishes don’t need to be as big.

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