what is a good dog for a couch potatoe?


looking for a dog but im a couch potatoe please help

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    12 Responses to “what is a good dog for a couch potatoe?”

    1. tnr says:

      i would recommend a senior dog. They are usually very chilled out and also have a hard time getting adopted because everyone thinks they want a puppy or young dog.

      also, I second the idea of retired racing greyhound. I hear they like to laze around a lot.

      if you want breed choices – consider something large like a wolfhound or mastiff. despite being very large, they tend to be sleepy creatures. A lot of small dogs are actually very active. If you need a small dog, consider a pug or french bulldog or pekingese.

      but remember that all dogs are individuals. I’m sure some retired racing greyhounds just want to keep running and some pugs need lots of stimulation. Remember to access individual personality as well as breed.

    2. darcycan says:

      a spud? LOL

      A senior dog of a calm breed like bassets.

    3. Michelle R says:

      Stay away from any Terrier breed they are very high energy and need lots of exercise. Get an adult dog, 3+ yrs, from a shelter. Look for one that’s on the chubby side and I bet that’s the one that likes to lay around and eat. A fat dog can be a good couch potato and old dogs need good homes too.

    4. You Dont Need To Know says:

      a hot dog.

    5. Be Happy ☮ says:

      Any older dog, because all puppies love to play, and younger dogs still like to play and not sit around.

    6. ladystang says:

      great dane
      grey hound
      old english bulldog

    7. Noxious says:

      british bulldog, i took one for a walk once, 20 minutes to the corner shop and we had to carry it back and leave it to recover for 3 hours.

    8. Abe Lincoln says:

      Pugg, bulldog, or some other smaller dog. Big dogs will require lots of exercise so they won’t do you well. A spaniel is about as big of a dog as you can get before you need to increase the exercise.

    9. Starwarsmaniac says:

      I would probably say a bulldog because they usually don’t do anything.

    10. Z says:

      Retired racing Greyhounds. They need several walks daily, but they love to lay around.

    11. mike b says:

      How about a stuffed one.

    12. Sarah Gadd says:

      Believe it or not ex racing greyhounds are brilliant, they do not need much excersise and will sleep all day if you let them! They are really loyal and make the best pets ever, for a big dog they do not take up much space or cost alot to feed, all they want is a comfy bed and alot of love.