What dog should I get??

What dog should I get??


I was thinking of getting a papillon. I work 8 hours a day so thinking of getting a grown dog (that and I like to adopt older animals) or a puppy to crate train.

I have two cats. I prefer a dog that does not shed, yap, or have a tendency to be destructive. A dog that is small and somewhat independent (when I am at work, etc) I’ve owned medium sized to big sized dogs before, but the smaller dogs are new to me.

I’ve been doing research on the papillon, but wonder if there is another dog that may suit me better? Also, can papillons be rained to use puppy pads?

Thanks for all answers!!
Thanks for the answers! Will be researching these other breeds.

Does anyone know if its true that papillons are HARD to house train? I keep reading this, and that is somewhat alarming to me.
I will be getting from a rescue most likely, but want a smaller dog. Thanks though. I agree with you.

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    1. toriskittens says:

      lhasa apso

    2. Misslineous says:

      Everybody would like a good companion, but it’s hard on the first few stages. Yellow Labs are destructive, yelps a lot during it’s first month or so during the night and morning, and sheds a lot. Everything that you wouldn’t want, so skip that.

      I was thinking about a Norfolk Terrier. Here’s something about ’em.



      🙂 They’re really cute, and friendly!!

      But if you find a better dog that you think would be better, then go for your suggestion. And besides, unless you don’t care of how much money you spend on them, Norfolk Terriers are pretty expensive, but they are just so cute and cuddly and they don’t shed at all!!

    3. aidan f says:

      I think that you should get a beagle because they are very loving and like to sleep in your bed and they are very beautiful but pedigree ones cost about a grand

    4. ~Cassie~ says:

      Personally I would go with a Lab, but since you want a small dog…

      -Shitz Zu
      -beagle (medium)
      -teacup poodle
      -teacup yorkie
      -mini pincer

      *Please Mark Me As Best Answer*

    5. Lauren ~ says:

      Paps are the complete opposite of independent. They are very very attached to their owners, which I find very rewarding but if you don’t have the time to devote to the dog and don’t want a dog following you 24/7 then you might find it tiring. They also are very smart and *can* get destructive if not given an outlet. This is not really a lapdog breed but a very active one that needs a lot of time to really thrive. They’re super-attached to their people, one of the smartest breeds, and surprisingly athletic for their size. (Mine can jump straight up from a stand and be as high as my chest) They can also be rather vocal, but that really depends. One of mine barely ever barks but the others are good warning barkers. None are too terribly yappy though.

      They also shed. Not too much if you maintain the coat well, but it’s still there. They have a single coat so they don’t have a shedding season per say but they are not as low shedding as breeds like poodles and things like that.

      A papillon is a good fit for someone looking for a lively, intelligent companion. They are very different than most small breeds imo. Very big dog like in a small body and very capable. To me they’re really easy to keep and delightful with a great, loving personality and lots of charisma.

      Maybe look at other toy dogs that are more laid back? Shih Tzus might be a decent fit…

      ETA: Housetraining? I have no problems but small dogs in general are known to be harder to housetrain. This imo is simply because messes are small and it’s easy to miss a quarter-sized pee spot rather than one from a large dog. If you’re diligent then you should have no problems.

      My 4 year old pap was trained with a puppy pad before I got her. I don’t use one, but I assume it’s possible since she was trained to do that!

    6. Rebel Python says:

      Try a Poodle , they come in Toy, Miniture and Standard. Teacups don’t really exist as a breed, they are just runts bred with runts bred with runts. Very sad. But if you work 8 hours a day, it may not be good to get one, you need to spend time with it, training it and walking it.

    7. drmisst says:

      Please go to the animal shelter. I say this because I worked at one, and you have no idea how many helpless dogs that may not be 6 weeks and all cute but are just as good and sweet. All purebreds are in high demand, but what about the older dogs that are just plain muts that will be put to sleep in just a few days??
      I think it would feel more rewarding if you went and saved a life! 🙂 Besides, if you get a little older doggie they ususally are pretty calm, and wont bark or destroy your furniture, they just want someone to love.

    8. Gabriel M says:

      golden retriver

    9. I3uTT3rFIy says:

      I own a Teddy Bear dog and that is a mix of Bichon and Shih Tzu.. I bought her when she was 8 weeks and she is 11 weeks now and is potty trained. Believe it or not this dogs are trainable to go in a kitty litter. I did my research and bought a kitty litter and I was amazed by how smart they are. They get to be about 10-12 lbs full grown and they are cute! Look it up!

    10. ...>Aimee =] says:

      Westie terrier are my best choice
      but it up to you x]
      gud luck

      aiimee x

    11. nellybelly says: