What do you do when a neighbor refuses to shut their dog up?

What do you do when a neighbor refuses to shut their dog up?


We live in the middle of nowhere on 1200 acres…. For 7 years we have had no neighbors within ear shot, but a man and his wife moved into a house across the road from us about 200 yards or so. They have 2 great dane dogs that NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Shut up… They bark non stop… I don’t know how they still have the ability to bark anymore. I have never seen anything like it… I have 12 hunting dogs that will not bark at night… They know better, it only took a couple nights of my husband training them, and no problems. These dogs have been doing this NON STOP for 3 weeks. Every night I can’t sleep, my toddler can’t sleep, even my dogs are whining. I finally drift off about 3AM when I can’t take it anymore… I went to ask them what was wrong with them, and the wife said it is none of our business, and they are fed, and they are far enough away that it shouldn’t bother us. The husband and wife work nights, so they are gone. They are on a chain, outside with automatic feeders and water, but they have no room to run, so I am assuming that is why they are barking? I don’t know… My dogs run free in our fenced in property, so maybe that is why they don’t bark. I don’t know, but I am going to get my husband to go over and talk with the husband. The law is no help, it is "a civil matter"… Do people just have to deal with barking dogs? These dogs are huge and I don’t know if that makes them louder, but it is just ALL night long….
Lol, and she was mad at me for "disturbing" her sleep, lol.. because she works nights and sleeps days.
Um, why should I have to pay court costs? And what will I win? Money? I don’t want money, I want peace.
******** This is also about the dogs, I mean something must be wrong with them to be barking so pitifully.********

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12 Responses to “What do you do when a neighbor refuses to shut their dog up?”

  1. Trey Reed says:

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  2. kplimegrn17 says:

    This is how you have to go about it in most cities, unfourtionately it can be a long process, especiall if the owners are not very cooperative… First you must have a documented (i.e. a letter that you keep a copy of) complaint given to the neighbor regarding their dogs barking habbits. Be very specific in terms of your documentation in terms of start and stop times etc. Then if they do nothing there may be two ways to go about it. You need to check your city laws and noise ordinances, most have ordinances regarding barking. In my town you have to have 3 (2 + you) neighbors (usually the ones on either side and across the street sign something attesting to the fact that they hear the dog as well, this insures that the complaint is not a result of some vendeta of fueding neighbors. Then the city will issue a warning, give 30 days for the owner to resolve the problem and subsequently fine the owner for every additional complaint after that 30 day period. Seeing as you live in a rural area getting 2 additonal neighbors on board may be difficult so going the noise route might work better. Most cities have noise regualtions like no noise after 10pm. Most are not specific as to what qualifies as "noise", if it’s disturbing you and it’s after 10pm or before 5 am it’s noise. Call the police on the basis of a noise complaint. If all that fails….buy some high quality ear plugs

  3. Kate says:

    I’d call the cops every night for a noise complaint. That will eventually lead to something and one night they are bound to have off.

  4. G'hound says:

    What I’d do is put one of these unobtrusively as close as I could legally put it.


    Our old Great Dane used to bark for about 5 minutes when let out, never continuously. They need to train those dogs.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Could you file a complaint with an official if the owners refuse to do anything about it? When a bunch of crazy teens are having a party at a house at 1 A.M and neighbors complain to the police, a cop goes over and either makes them stop and/or gives them a warning fee because they are disturbing the peace

    It should be the same thing with the dogs. Your neighbor’s dogs are barking all night and they are disturbing the peace. That means the police should get involved.

  6. Myra says:

    I am hoping that they are renting this house and you can call the landlord. We had the same problem but in the city. I really don’t know what kind of laws or even if you have them in the country. Call your local police and ask them if a nuisance law is in effect even for the country.

  7. Seth says:

    There are two things you can do. Have her get a bark/shock collar for her dogs. Call animal rescue and have them remove the dogs.

  8. Steve E says:

    I would have one talk and it would be one sided me talking and them listening. They can put the dogs away inside great danes make good indoor dogs. They probably hear things in the distance and are barking so it is not the dogs fault.

    I am surprised the local police will not get involved what about a bylaw officer I am sure after certain hours like 10pm the noisy should stop. heck I only let my dogs bark once before I am stopping it, I would never do this to a neighbour and to tell you it is non of your business it’s just wrong it is your business you can’t sleep.

  9. Arabella says:

    Wow..I feel for you! I can’t imagine just tying up two beautiful dogs like it. In fact, it is illegal in my state. (CA) And nonstop barking is also illegal here, no matter the hour. Normally I would say you did the right thing by trying to give the neighbor the courtesy of discussing in person first. Then I would recommend calling animal control. Here, animal control will go out and speak to the person and issue a written warning. Which is only fair, give the people some time to train or find alternative measures. Then if the issue continues animal control officers will cite the owners.It is approximately a $250 ticket here. If they cite more than twice..then they will seize the dogs.
    So. if the laws in your state are not helping you and the police can’t help, I would recommend attending a city council meeting. Find out the procedures for getting on their schedule and make your voice heard about the issue.
    Perhaps write your frustrations in a letter and deliver it to the neighbor. Keep a copy and date that they were given written notice about the incessant disturbance. Videotape might help if you get on the schedule with the city council.
    I am an absolute dog lover in every way imagineable but I am also a VERY firm believer in us dog owners being respectful of others! Barking at all hours and incessantly is NOT respectful and shows that the poor dogs are bored and not well taken care of, the poor things.

  10. Lou says:

    First I would find out if there are any noise ordinance laws in your county/township, etc. Unfortunately, being so remote, I don’t know if this will be the case. I would advice against going back over to speak with them, but instead call the police, at night, when the barking is going on. normally, police can be pretty helpful in these situations and maybe a talking to from them will get this loser’s attention. Also, if the animals seem to be not well cared for, aggressive, maybe animal control can get involved.

  11. I Rule You says:

    Since it’s a civil matter, seek a civil remedy. Sue them. Problem solved.

  12. Mike says:

    Document as much as possible. Times dogs are barking, etc. Videotape when possible. If the police won’t help, try animal control. If no one will help, you may have to go to court.