What do i need to bring for my cat for an evacuation trip?

What do i need to bring for my cat for an evacuation trip?


I have food, treats, and I’m going to bring some water for him. I also have a kennel and i laid out some towels and let him sniff it out to see if he liked it or felt comfy in it…. it seems like he liked it seeing how i put him in it and he didn’t jump out and sniffed out the cage. I also ddon’tknow what to do about the bathroom thing. I have never traveled with a cat, and we will be traveling through 2 states (hurricane evacuation)
thank you guys for all the support and plz pray for new orleans! we can’t let the city go down!

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5 Responses to “What do i need to bring for my cat for an evacuation trip?”

  1. NLzonie says:

    You’ve got some great answers already. I had to evacuate with three cats for hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, and my cats did great. I have also moved my cats a few times as well. Kennel, food, water, litter box, toys, bedding and love is pretty much it.
    My heart goes out to you and hope all goes well.

  2. miranda says:

    oh my, be safe! You’re doing the right thing by leaving!

    We left years ago for Francis and Jeanne. For the first evacuation it took us 12.5 hours to get to Atlanta from central Florida. I let mine out of the carrier — I know that’ not the safest thing. Their litter box was on the floor in the back seat. It was one of those regular, smallish ones. Only one used it and that was half an hour before we arrived. If you’re going to be better than I am and keep him in the cage then one idea would be stop for half an hour or so from time to time and let him wander the car and visit a litter box in the car then. But if you can fit one in his cage then that would be ideal.

    Mine hate the car but settle in and just sleep after we get passed the vet’s office. They would never eat or drink, so don’t worry if he refuses. But they would be thrilled to eat as soon as we got where we were going.
    He may be upset, but it’s much better than staying home.

    If you’re going to a hotel make sure they allow pets, many do, especially considering the situation.

    You are being very smart.
    I remember how upset I was when the weather channel was reporting from across the street from my apartment, but I was safe in a house with my cats. I and they would have been much more upset if we had actually still been in my apartment.
    It sounds like you’re well prepared. Good luck and stay safe!

  3. brutusmom says:

    If you’re going to be driving straight through to wherever you’re going, don’t give him very much to eat, or he could get carsick. Also, every few hours, take the carrier into the bathroom of whatever place you stop, and let him "go potty"…….but…….be sure to have the door locked, so he can’t get out! Have someone stand outside the door, so that no one can come in until the cat is safely back in the carrier. If you only feed him a little, he may not need to go often.

    Good luck with your trip……..and thanks for not leaving your cat behind, like some people have done!

    God Bless you and your family…….all of it!

  4. Doodlebug says:

    Put some litter in a cardboard box or some kind of large plastic box. He has to be able to go to the bathroom….

    Seems like he will be okay .. just know that he’ll be scared and won’t understand what’s happening, so provide alot of hugs and comfort. good luck hon.

  5. Spike & Co. says:

    We evacuated for Katrina with 5 cats and it can be done! Make sure you have enough food, water and kitty litter for at least a couple of days. Kitty should be in a carrier and allowed access to litter and water every few hours. Your grocery store should carry throw away litter boxes and they are great in situations like this. Don’t worry about him eating until you have stopped for the night. Food might upset his stomach and it’s likely he will not be interested.

    He might fuss a bit in the carrier, but please don’t let him out while the car is moving or if windows or doors are open. A frightened cat in a moving car is very dangerous and can cause an accident. If you have pulled over for gas, etc. don’t let him out until you are sure windows and doors are closed, he’s likely to make a run for it.

    I’ll be thinking of you and your family and hope all will be safe….good luck!