What can I put on my wooden stairs for ice and snow?


My porch and deck stairs get slippery in the winter with freezing rain, ice, and snow. I need something that is dog-safe to put on them to hopefully make them not so slippery. I am thinking sand, but not sure if that will harm the paint that is on the stairs.

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    6 Responses to “What can I put on my wooden stairs for ice and snow?”

    1. Hondu says:

      The grip strips, sand or paint mixed with sand will still ice over. You should use a deicer or plain rock salt to keep the ice melted. Salt will not hurt your pets or the wood and if you use it judiciously won’t harm plants or lawn.

    2. Will says:

      salt works awesome if you dont want to paint your stairs. It blends in so it doesnt look tacky, its cheap, and it melts the ice/prevents slippage. Good luck!

    3. Joe C says:

      I’d go with the paint and sand mix. I put on some of those strips and they don’t hold up very well under outside conditions.

    4. cindy f says:

      Kitty Litter

    5. elementoflife says:

      Could you put those strips of coarse sand-papery grips? I have seen a number of houses around my neighbourhood with that stuff on their steps. It is basically a sticker that you place on the edge of the stairs. I imagine you get them at a hardware store.


      Here’s a link to what I mean:

    6. D M says:

      paint your stairs, but mix in some sand with it…give it plenty of time to dry…you’ll have a nice "gritty" finish that prevents slips.