What can I put on my dog's pads to help them heal faster?


My golden retriever scuffed up the pads on the back of his front legs. The bleeding stopped right away but he is constantly licking them. Is there anything I can put on them that will help them heal, and won’t be harmful if (when) he swallows it?

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9 Responses to “What can I put on my dog's pads to help them heal faster?”

  1. Fields of Gold says:

    There is an excellent product you can buy online for cut paws. Go to http://www.cut-heal.com and search for the Multi-care Cut-Heal Wound Spray.

    I don’t think it would taste too good so he will not be inclined to lick his paws. The Spray helps the paws to heal very quickly. I always have one at home and take a spare with me when I am out walking the dogs just in case one of them happens to cut its paw en route.

  2. Benefit from no Beneful says:

    Rub some neosporin or triple-antibiotic ointment on the sores and keep your dog off pavement. Try and keep him relaxing for most of the day, say kenneled where he can see everything that is going on and just lounge on a nice bed.

    My yorkie did the same thing… it healed up very rapidly with the application of ointment.

  3. dai's my boy. says:

    my dachshund cut his back paw pad i coudn’t get him to the vets straight away i put aloe vera gel on 3 times a day and covered the paw with bandage and a baby sock (i had to take him everywhere with me to stop him chewing the paw) when i took him to the vets he said it was healing fine and to leave it alone as it was healing fine it was al healed with in 7-10 days

  4. charlize says:

    sudo cream! wont do the dog any harm it will stop him/her biting or keep at them, i use it on my dog all the time, cos shes old and gets al sorts of sores put it on over night and se the differnce, trust me its for babies too so its not gunna hurt the dog oh p,s dont be covering them up either it needs air to heal

  5. Paige says:

    Well, if it weren’t for rough ground (which you obviously can’t get away from) then the dog would be fine. I don’t think licking would be bad for it.

    I’d say socks or bottys, as other people were saying.

  6. shewolf says:

    Freaky, but my grandfather swore by this, by putting bacon grease on the pads of the feet, it would heal the pads quicker. The dog would lick the pads, and the grease also helped to heal.
    I am not so sure of this as bacon grease can not be very good for them, but old farmers tales, what can i say, he swore by it.

  7. PsychMaj says:

    Last time I had my dog to the vet for a pad problem, they said just put baby socks on. it will annoy him but at least his pads will finally start healing. You could try keeping them on by putting duct tape on the sock so its snug. I have a smaller breed dog so I just used hair ties and that did the trick. Pads will heal quickly if let alone.

  8. Painted Pony says:

    You should probably get some type of wrap or bootie-type covering so that you can apply an ointment that he can’t get at and also to keep them clean and help them heal faster.

  9. ♥Golden gal♥ says:

    I would use only bag balm. It is very safe to use and it does aid in healing. I would not wrap them in anything. Wrapping will not help the healing process when it comes to dog pads. You want air to get to them so that the skin can breath and dry. Not keep moisture in.

    You may have to resort to a Victorian collar to put on your dog for a few days to stop him/her from licking the pads. Keeping them clean will aid in healing too. When you clean the pads make sure you use a mild antibacterial soap. Then rinse it off then dry the area off very well. Then put the bag balm on the sore pad.