What can I give my dog to calm him down before cutting his nails?


He is a four year old, about 45 lb mix beagle – basset hound. When we first got him from the pound, he would let me cut his nails, but the last time I tried, he nearly bit my hand. I had a muzzle on him and tried to hold him & let my husband cut, but he is so strong, he gets loose. We ended up taking him to let the vet do it, but the only way she could was to give him a shot to knock him out first. The problem is, it cost about and being on a fixed income, it is kind of hard to work it into the budget. Is there anything we can buy (inexpensive) that would put him to sleep for long enough for us to cut his nails?

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    4 Responses to “What can I give my dog to calm him down before cutting his nails?”

    1. <3 says:

      Well one thing you can do is to have them outside on the blacktop or something that will file down their nails by itself, and make sure you’re holding them by the elbow and not the paw when you cut their nails. you can also give them a treat before and after to let them know they will be rewarded next time.

    2. Susan M says:

      He needs desensitization to his paws. You should practice handling him, running your hands all over him everyday. Give him a treat for each paw, or more, if he allows you to touch or pick up his paws. When he allows you to pick up each paw without problems, then pick them up and start handling each toe. Give treats when he is good. Put the paw down and remove yourself and treats when he does not cooperate. The more you do this, the faster he will learn. You shouldn’t have your dog for routine grooming. I have four dogs and several aren’t fond of having their toes trimmed. Having tasty human food for treats when you start this should help a lot. It may take several weeks to several months, but he will come around to liking you to handle him. You aren’t meaning him harm and he should know that. Be careful when you trim that you give a treat too, once you try trimming again. If you go slow and have his trust again, you will have moved in the right direction.

    3. tony l says:

      You do NOT drug your dog!!!
      Please do one nail at the time so he gets used to this.
      Most dogs hate this procedure. Trust me!!

    4. bassetnut says:

      Try taking him to a groomer, they have a lot more experience doing nails on difficult dogs than vets do and they are cheaper. Find a shop with two people in it, then go outside and let them do their job.

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