What can i do to get my boston terrier/beagle mix dog to stop licking my suede couch?

What can i do to get my boston terrier/beagle mix dog to stop licking my suede couch?


every time he is on my couch he looks like he is licking his paw but he’s licking the couch.I don’t know how to get him stop.I don’t want him to ruin my couch and i don’t want to get rid of him.can anyone help?

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    6 Responses to “What can i do to get my boston terrier/beagle mix dog to stop licking my suede couch?”

    1. jonathan says:

      Yeah the bitter spray kinda works but they will get through it.. if you want quick results that will work 100% of the time without damaging your couch with sprays….try some ground red pepper. Sprinkle a little bit here and there it will take only one lick for the dog to realize it does not like the fire flavor

    2. jen_ says:

      teach your dog the Leave It command. it can be used for anything you dont want your dog to do or touch

    3. Jenny Manyteeth says:

      Every time he does it, close his mouth with your hand and say, "No. No licking." Pause. Release. If he starts up again, repeat the correction. If he doesn’t start up again, praise him and make a fuss over him.

      Also, don’t allow him in the room with the couch unless you are there to supervise him. If he has unsupervised access, he’ll just believe that he’s not allowed to do it when you’re there. Beagles are sneaky that way.

      You might try having the couch cleaned professionally; he’s probably licking at the old scent of something yummy someone spilled, there. Remove the lure, remove the desire to lick.

    4. ... says:

      Teach him leave it.

    5. Alexa says:

      There’s bitter, anti-chew spray you can buy. It will get him to stop licking as well. Otherwise maybe your couch needs a good washing.

    6. K-Dawg says:

      You can buy bitter spray etc to deter chewing but I’m not sure how they will go on suede and whether it will stain or damage the surface.

      I’d suggest you get some sticky tape or masking tape, tape a few pieces to the lounge near where your dog chews and smear some VICKS vapour rub on the tape.

      Dogs hate the smell of VICKS and will avoid it. By smearing the VICKS on the tape you’re not putting it on your suede, so not damaging the suede. Be sure to remove the tape before it’s been on there too long, eg don’t leave it on for weeks at a time, and you may need to change it regularly because the smell will fade.

      I have a Chocolate Lab who was an incredible chewer and we tried everything. VICKS was the only thing that worked.

      Good luck and I hope this helps.