What can I do if the vet neutered my dog without permission?


I have a 2 year old miniature Australian Shepherd, he goes EVERYWHERE with me. Work (I am a dog trainer), parks, friends houses, hunting, you name it! He recently broke his femur while I was out of town and he was at a kennel, and I took him to a veterinarian hospital for major surgery, well When I got him home I looked at the paperwork (they didn’t make me sign anything) It said he was also neutered, I examined him and sure enough! -Gone- This makes me so sad, he’s my little buddy, always right by my side, never humped anyone or had aggression, or marked his territory there was no need for this surgery on top of his MAJOR surgery he had to also endure. And, they wan’t me to pay for it! what can I do?!
MorParSta…What difference does it make he is not a "registered breed" you are not getting the point, the fact is he went in for major surgery why the heck would I want him to endure even MORE surgery that I for 1.Did NOT condone and 2.He didn’t need. And don’t try to mock me by saying "I should know his behavior wont change, being a trainer. I never said it would! But an Un-neutered male tend to mark territory, hump, and has aggression toward other males. And my guy did not. So back off with all your negativity. Also, They did not give me a bill, I am on a payment plan and only paid down payment so far, also they gave me aftercare instructions for him MAJOR surgery not his testicles being removed. Man, read the info before you are rude to me.

To the others, thank you for all the advice. I hope I don’t have to pay for this in the end, I am so very upset but this is irreversible but I’m going to see what I can do.

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    1. B.Sc Veterinary Nursing says:

      Trust me, he’s not gonna miss them.

      In fact, it will most likely prolong his life and also end the mental turmoil a male entire dog endures when in close proximity to an entire female.

      It takes approximately 10 minutes to castrate a dog – nothing Major by any standard.

      It may have been done without permission, but it is certainly the most healthy option for your dog so if I were you, i’d be happy my dog got it all done under the one anesthesia.

    2. jkc92618 says:

      You can try small claims court, but you’ll probably only win in that you wouldn’t have to pay for the surgery you didn’t authorize. I do not believe you can claim that your stud dog was damaged as unless you were actively showing and campaigning the dog, any nitwit will see through that lame excuse.

    3. ☆ Memphis Belle ~ Black 'N' Sassy ☆ says:

      It is standard business practice at a local veterinary practice or veterinary referral hospital to ask a client to sign a consent form that lists everything to be undertaken to treat the dog.

      In the absence of this hard evidence of what was agreed to, the veterinary practice would only have the information held on computer which should say why the dog was being admitted for surgery.

      If the dog had been admitted for major surgery on a broken leg & nothing beyond that:

      1. Whoever admitted the dog failed to obtain a signed consent form which was bad practice.
      2. The staff then made a second mistake by carrying out an unwanted procedure.
      3. The veterinary practice will have no proof held on computer that the dog was admitted to have surgery on its leg & castration.
      4. Obtain legal advice, as you should not have to pay for a procedure you did not want or agree to.

    4. Flyingpigsandotherfinepeople says:

      First, I’d stop going to that vet all together, tell anyone you know not to go to that vet.

      Then I’d sue them.

    5. Annie says:

      This one? I’d report to the state veterinarian board and have the vets license revoked. And then sue too. This is awful!!!

    6. cutejulie322 says:

      Haha thats ridiculious! If I was u I would sue them. There’s no reason why they shld perform any type of surgery without your permission. Let alone pay for something you didn’t even know was being done to him. My dog is spayed & I do agree its beneficial 4 a dog but if they had done any type of surgery without my permission I would be soooo pissed regardless. I mean how the hell did they assume u had money or felt it necessary to neuter him. I’m almost positive that if u sue u will win. Talk 2 a lawyer asap.

    7. Bonnie L says:

      No vet is going to do any type of surgery on a dog without written consent. I think that there is more to this story than you are telling.

    8. Never Guess the Rest says:

      You can sue them, but personally I wouldn’t mind, seeing as it is best to neuter already.

      Neutering your dog benefits your dogs in many ways for the best, and it may improve your dogs quality of life. It will increase how long he lives, and prevents against other diseases, and it prevents unwanted puppies.

      I mean it is bizarre to pay them if you didn’t want this.

    9. MamaBas says:

      Totally and absolutely SUE THE B******s! That’s outrageous. If you didn’t sign for this (anything? that’s a bit unusual!) they don’t have a leg to stand on. Go for it. And don’t pay them a dime – tell them to take you to Court – my bet is they’d not win, if you put in a counter claim. Get yourself a good lawyer, and go for it.

      I’d be hysterical if this was done to my boy without my permission. And he presumably now has two surgeries to recover from. Shocking.

      Add – How come he broke his leg when in kennels – me thinks you have another law case to consider there!! And you say you took him to ‘a veterinarian hospital’ – was this not your normal vet?
      To be honest I’m just a little suspicious about this question ……… ? You say ‘if’ – has this really happened?

    10. LMFAO says:

      That happened to my GSD Daisy best dog, they took her away and spayed her with out our permission therefore we got a good lawyer, we discussed that Daisy did not need it and we refused to pay.-We won.

    11. MoParStar says:

      So you had your dog in for a major surgery, picked him up and 1. no one gave you aftercare instructions and 2. you did not review the bill and chart and 3. you did not have to sign for services? I review the vet statements BEFORE I leave the office, even for vaccines. What is done is done. He won’t miss his nuggets at all. A mini aussie is NOT recognized as a breed by any respectable club so you shouldn’t be breeding anyway. You, being a "trainer" should know that any change in behaviours will be for the better due to the neuter. If, as you state, you or another person with control over your dog did not authorize the surgery, just refuse to pay for it. You can sue them if you like, but it will be expensive, time consuming and you will only be rewarded the cost to replace the dog at fair markett value. (you can NOT claim vet or training expenses in the cost of the dog, those are considered a "given") Taking in to consideration that the mini aussie is not a purebred dog, you may not get much besides the satisfaction of winning, even if you DO win.

      ADD: Say what you will. Accidents happen but it is your responsibility to ensure that the vet is doing what you ask, before and after the fact. Just because you are on a payment plan, you don’t bother to get an invoice, or a copy of the procedure for your personal records? and you just assume that there will be no overcharges or other discrepancies on your bill? Why would you do that? I bet your vet likes you. They can easily tack on a few bucks here and there, since you make a habit of not reviewing your receipt of services. The fact remains, you obviously had paperwork given to you, Next time read it before you leave. Leaving with the paperwork and not saying anything can be construed as consent, FYI, Like eating your whole dinner before complaining to the waiter that you ordered steak and not spaghetti.

    12. More Bored Collie says:

      I would be speaking to a lawyer at this point.
      It’s bad enough that this was done without your permission, but they also want you to pay for it?
      That’s just ridiculous.

      On the "bright" side though, typically neutering does not change personality or activity level. And is a fairly easy surgery for dogs to go through – my boys didn’t even miss a beat after they were neutered.
      NOT that I am in any way trying to justify what the vet did. I would be extremely irritated had that happened to me as well. Simply trying to at least ease the concerns a little.

    13. Mariah says:

      SUE THEM!!!

    14. UHave2BeKiddingMe-HAPPY NEWYEAR says:

      You can sue them for doing an unathorized surgery.

      Keep in mind a dog is personal property so, the value for the suit will be the value of his earning potential as a breeding dog.

      When you go into court make sure you take in the dogs show record, and list of the Champion Offspring he may have already sired. Also take in all the receipts for dog shows and health checks you had performed on him prior to breeding him, those costs are also recoverable.

      As for paying for it, write them a letter and let them know you never authorized such surgery.

    15. Jackie says:

      tell them they didn’t have the right to neuter your dog without permission and threat to sue them for opening up your dog’s body with out your permission.

    16. ноvαωαят ♥ says:

      I can’t tell you how pissed I’d be.

      Talk to a lawyer.

    17. josephblue says:

      Sue them

    18. Trooper says:

      Neuter the vet without his permission, see if he likes it. I sure as heck wouldn’t pay, you should sue the beegeezus out of them. That would be the reasonable thing to do (you seem like the reasonable type). They are lucky it’s not me they are dealing with, because I am not reasonable when it comes to my dog. I tend to get violent and vengeful, and can hold a hateful grudge for a long, long time.