What can I do for a greyhound and Invisible Fence?


I am pet sitting for a friend that has a greyhound. She got an invisible fence system put in around the perimeter of her property. He hadn’t challenged the border once he got zapped a few times. This makes me sad but it seemed effective. After a few months of his training she felt she could take the collar off and he seemed to sense the freedom and took off. I feel bad about this whole mess. She did have tag on him and he is safe and sound now, but she got paranoid enough to never take the collar off him. I pet sit for other friends’ dogs and they take their collars off as soon as they are safe and sound in the house. Thus no "hot spot" and yeast infections and such. I feel the same way and while this dog is in the house under my care, I have taken his collars off. I think the original red collar from the kennel was never taken off. My friend is elderly and has had him take off a couple times on her. There’s no way she can catch him obviously. So she is adamant about the collars staying on . and For the health of the dog – I feel the dog needs a break from them. I have detected a patch of skin under his chin where the probes must chafe him and zap him as he is probably challenging the boundaries when she is not looking. I don’t like leaving him out unsupervised yet she does feel she can. I have put a dab of vitamin E oil on the spot where the probes chafe him. The owner is away this week and he too, will get a vacation. What is the best way to tell her that the collars on 24/7 are not good for him. She can be quite cantakerous at times because of her age and previous greyhounds lived to ripe old age of 16 yrs old. She feels her way is the only way. But then she is aging and taking naps when he is outside. I’ve gotten her to put a timer on for his winter pee breaks as I don’t like it when owners don’t supervise the pet’s outings. Winter too cold. Summer too hot and no place to hide. –

When I do walk the yard with him. (she has several acres of land) He stays with me generally, but he does like his "independence" to mark a tree or sniff a leaf. I keep walking the path and he gallops by me and turns and comes back. But I have also seen him looking longingly at the retriever a couple yards away on the other side of the border… I knew he was thinking about that challenge.. The retriever has been found inside her yard and had gotten out of his "invisible fence" but couldn’t get back to his yard for the same reasons – zappo.. x 2… poor things. I hate them.

Anyone have any suggestions or feedback?
1. collar rest.
2. vitamin e oil dabbed on sore spot.
3. supervised and timed outings.

oh and she (the owner) has given up on trying to train him. Even she had a dog trainer come by but she is inconsistant and gives up and scoffs at it. I would like to try training him to just return when called, but treats and toys are useless to him. and useless if she isn’t going to be consistant. very frustrating…

Lot’s to cover and appreciate any feedback as this is a 4 year old handsome greyhound, who shows me he loves the care I’ve given him.
In response to the first responder, your answer shows that you didn’t really read my post – ignorant came to mind. To pet sit within the "rules" as you state would perpetuate an infection. Training would be a better option. Any suggestions decent pet lovers of Yahoo!

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9 Responses to “What can I do for a greyhound and Invisible Fence?”

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  4. Dulce Butcher says:

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  5. Em says:

    Unfortunately she is the owner and there’s not much you can do for someone who isn’t willing to listen.

    Those invisible fences seem rediculous why doesn’t she just put a normal fence up? make a little escape-proof yard for the dog so it doesnt have to have that horrible collar on shocking it all the time. If it can’t see any barrier chances are it doesnt have a clue whats going on and it doesn’t know it’s doing wrong.

  6. Ocimom says:

    IMO its wrong to use this collar on a very short hair dog like a Grey. They NEED to have visible barriers. They are trained to run after objects in an open field and an unfenced yard is an open field to the dog.

    Most Grey breeders/owners keep them inside a visible fence or on a leash. Its difficult to train a sight hound to pay attention to invisible fences. IMO she’s more cruel using the collar on him.

  7. Bentley says:

    If you are unwilling to follow the rules of the owner of the dog, do not sit with this dog again.

  8. walking lady says:

    Did this grey come from a rescue for retired racers? Because if he did, I’d contact the rescue and watch how fast they’ll come running to take this dog back. Rescues do NOT let greys go to anyone who either doesn’t have a fenced yard or has an electric fence because its common knowledge that sighthounds are not, and never will be, safe with any but a real fence.

    I’m sure he appreciates the care he’s getting from you. Yes, vitamin E should help; he also needs that collar off him. But what he needs more than anything is a new owner. He’s only 4 years old. This dog can’t live like this for another 10 years.