what can i do about my neighbors dog? i feel horrible?

what can i do about my neighbors dog? i feel horrible?


Its snowing out very hard right now, it about 33 degrees, and dropping. my neighbors dog is outside all year round, with Absolutely no shelter. its kennel is in the far back corner of the yard in the mud. the only shelter is a piece of old ply wood leaned against a tree. the dog is covered in snow and whining. is there anything i can do? anyone i can call?
im a huge dog lover and hate seeing this dog in these conditions
the dog is about a 4 year old Lab, short hair.

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15 Responses to “what can i do about my neighbors dog? i feel horrible?”

  1. michelle says:

    call an animal shelter or pound he’ll be much safer there or you can even let the dog go and cut his leash and bring him to the pound

  2. Siobhan says:

    Animal control or humane society. Its abuse if there is not proper shelter and a water/food source.
    What’s the point of owning a dog if it lives outside…

  3. chattyroxu says:

    Local SPCA
    Animal Rescue
    Google animal hotlines in your area

    If all fails: Call the police this is animal cruelty

  4. Kitty Cat says:

    animal control poor baby:(

  5. bluebonnetgranny says:

    Call Animal Control & have them come out to investigate the situation. or call a rescue place & have them check it out.

    It doesn’t sound good to me either & I would report it. I would get up right now & call. Even if it is after hours there are still animal control personnel on call. The best way to get a hold of them after hours is to call the police non emergency line & ask them to notify the animal control officer on call to come out.

    I hope you are able to help this poor dog.

  6. caninekiss says:

    u can call the local humane officers but cant gaurentee theylll do anything theres very few requirements for shelter and dog care.

  7. TWEETY4EVER says:

    Well first you should call up your neighbors and tell them … if they choose not to do anything than you should maybe buy a small house for it or even build one …. you can find them cheap at local dog stores …. and if nothing helps i would call an animal shelter and tell them … these conditions for a dog could cause serious damage to its health

  8. Tiburon says:

    Animal shelter – or just call police for advise. can you knock on the door and speak to the owner ? Does the dog have thick fur ? It may be used to the cold but it whines because it’s lonely .Sled dogs are always outside.Any way this is no way to treat a dog , why do some people even bother to have a dog if that’s what they do to them.

  9. Owlwoman says:

    Call the police Now.

    I – this is me – would go get the dog out of the yard and take it in.

    The people should be arrested, charged with animal cruelty and fined. Then spend a month working at the humane society and NEVER be allowed to have another animal.

    Dogs are pack animals and need others. They need to be protected from people like this.

  10. jasimine says:

    here are the links to aspca
    think you should call them and report this

  11. Polly Pocket says:

    First of all ask you neighbors if they want the dog, if not try to find him a good home.
    If the want the dog tell them that you are going to call Animal Control if they do not start taking care of the dog.

  12. ladystang says:

    animal control

  13. Me says:

    Maybe call the animal abuse service line. Google it. I would feel bad too

  14. Legion says:

    call animal control or the SPCA. if you don’t have either then call the cops

  15. ChichiMom says:

    Call the cops….and offer to allow the dog to shelter in your home or garage. Or send him to the city shelter. It will be warmer. Please do something, do NOT let this go on, God bless you.