What can I do about a neighbors Pit bull that got out and attacked my dog while I was walking her.?


I called the police, they took a report. I went to the Dr. for the bite on my arm. I took my dog to the vet for her bite. I contacted the Board of health to verify Rabies shot. I called the town to verify ownership and address. I think the dog should be muzzled at the very least when outside!How can I accomplish this? I did have witnesses. The owner struggled very hard to get his dog off of mine. Luckily she only has 1 bite, and I got bit too. When I called the owner to ask about shot info, he said he would get back to me, never did. He agreed with me that its a dangerous dog, but told me its "out of his hands". (turns out it is licensed to his wife.) I am going to send the medical bills to them today. They live behind and next to me, (and our back yards touch in the corner) Yesterday the teen aged daughter walked the dog right past the front of my house 2 times. I don’t want that thing near my house or my dog, or my child again! I don’t feel talking to them again will work. Any ideas

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    1. cardinalfanusa says:

      Ok, here’s my solution, it may take up to a year, but it’d be well worth it…
      Get a couple of German Shepherds and have them professionally trained to be protection/guard dogs. Then, go take your dogs out for a walk. When the pit bull comes near you, let your dogs loose and watch as they tear the pit bull in half.

    2. aussie says:

      Report to animal control

    3. bearkat_aggie_2004 says:

      forget the dog, have the owners put down. Its people like them that are the reason particular breeds of dogs get a bad reputation.

      I worked with a guy that had two huge Pits and the only danger you faced with them was drowning from slobber.

      Dogs for the most part are an extension of their owners, and bad owners lead to bad dogs.

    4. fatty_mcbutterpants says:

      you did the right thing… i love pitt bulls but if the owners are aware that the dog is aggressive towards anything, there should be a muzzle worn anytime outside of the house! but it is not just pitt bulls, it can be any breed! you need to recontact the police or youor local animal services and tell them that the owner is aware that the dog is aggressive but does nothing about it, they will cite the person and make him put a muzzle on his dog and do periodic checks on the dog (and if not doing what he was told to do, will get fined!) Hope all goes well and you and your dog heal okay! have a good day

    5. ..::*Animal Lover*::.. says:

      What a horrible experience!!! Call animal control and report it, that the dog attacked you and your dog. Request animal control to euthenize it. (Where I live pittbulls are banned, because of incidents exactly like this) People who do own pittbulls (before the ban) have to keep their dog muzzled at all times (unless in their own home) and if they are caught with the dog not being muzzled it’s a 10.000$ fine!!!!! That dog should not aloud to be alive anymore. Harsh to say but true, it attacked you once it will attack again. And maybe next time it might be with more serious results. Try to take legal action and get the dog euthenized before it happens again!!! Good Luck!
      (Hope you and your dog’s injuries heal well and quick!)
      God Bless!

    6. murabiflowers says:

      kill it.

    7. Raimon says:

      Shoot it.

    8. kloenozwot says:

      dont call the police because the dog will be put down and it will make you feel like you have killed a animal and robbed it of its life. i would sugest you buy a muzzle for them and ask them if there dog could wear it while its out. or put it on a cork screw with a stronge metle lead. you might be able to get one from pets at home.

    9. imzadi says:

      Do some of the other neighbors feel the same way? If so, maybe a petition to have the dog put down would be effective. You could at least talk to other neighbors and encourage them to call animal control or the police EVERY time it gets loose. If this dog becoms a nuisance to the authorities, it will be much easier for you to get something done.

    10. bigbearsbaby01 says:

      Call your local animal control. Tell them you got bit, and the dog is dangerous and the owners won’t give you any info. They will usually take the dog and in this case more than likely put it down since you got bit. If that doesn’t work, threaten to sue, that usually gets blood pumpin.

    11. mtngrl7500 says:

      If they refuse to pay the medical bills you could take them to small claims court over it. It is also within your right to have the dog tested for rabies if you want to go that far. Just know, that if you do that they will have to put the dog to sleep because the only way to test for it is by cutting the head off and testing the brain. Since this is a neighbor, it will most assuredly cause problems. Since it’s a pit bull, some states allow for the dog to be put to sleep if it’s attacked a person or pet. You would need to check with the courthouse for the law on that.

    12. CanineHeroTahoe says:

      It depends on what your local ordinances and state laws are regarding dangerous dogs. At a minimum, the dog should be considered "dangerous," "vicious," or "potentially dangerous." You’d probably have to talk to animal control about this. Typically, once a dog has been declared a danger to the community, new restrictions apply, such as public muzzling, sterilization, etc.

      I also think that you should talk to an attorney. This dog’s owner should definitely pay for your medical and veterinary bills. If you contact your state or local bar association, you may find a lawyer that has experience with dog bite cases.

      In the meantime, I would also be extra careful.

    13. Great Dane Lady says:

      I would take legal action too. They are not responsible enough to have that dog.
      Another note, if the dog’s rabies shots are somewhat out of date, don’t worry. Duration of immunity on the rabies vaccine is, so far, seven years.

    14. lyndell v says:

      It depends where you live, but if this happened in Australia there are council regulations, and if the dog bit you it would be destroyed. Perhaps you need to find out the regulations in your town. I hope everything goes well for you, you need to be comfortable in your home and outside your home.Otherwise I would sell up and live somewhere else. Nothing is worth the risk of living in this enviroment and the danger to your family and health good luck

    15. Single Dad says:

      In some states, Pit Bulls are banned. If you have already contacted the police though, they should know if they are banned in your state. Pit Bulls have such a bad reputation that there shouldn’t be any problem having animal control to do something.

    16. MadforMAC says:

      Raise a real stink and don’t stop till the dog is impounded and the owner prosecuted. Go to the media, TV, radio, etc. Get an attorney that will fight for you and get other people in your neighborhood on your side. This garbage is too common these days. They really should outlaw the breed (like other communities are doing) and jail the owners when this happens. Children are being mauled and killed by dogs that have irresponsible owners. Don’t give up until you are satisfied your problem is solved.

    17. jjnsavannah says:

      if the police won’t do anything about it then take matters into your own hands.

    18. N8ball88 says:

      It sounds like you’ve already done all you can. If the dog attacks more, it may be found to be a nuisance and need to be put down.

    19. hhhhhw says:

      Take legal action and get that sucker put down

    20. thornrez1 says:

      Call Animal Control Immediatly, Or Poison It.

    21. likeafatkidlovescake2003 says:

      shoot it with a gun

    22. mikesgirl4ever says:

      Dont shoot it dont poison it. You will be the one in trouble if that happens. Contact the local ASPCA and tell them the story. They can have a order for the dog to where it has to wear a muzzle on walks and while near others….and if you dont want the dog near your house, tell the neighbors, if they dont listen, call the animal control on them and the dog. They will handle it. Make sure you copy everything you send them and date it, you can always take them to court