What breed is my cat?


She has a small head and a big body
pulls out hair and it grows back matted
you can only pet her head but only for a few seconds or shell snap at you
shes always under your feet
and lately if you have cloths on the floor or a rug down she’ll pee on it.
she loves being in the rain
other wise she sleeps all day
Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59436225@N08/5439142304/

Thanks for your help:)

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    3 Responses to “What breed is my cat?”

    1. N says:

      You cant tell what breed a cat is by the way they act, thats what you call a "personality"

      Your Welcome

      Oh also, heinz 57 is a type of ketchup

    2. Kunzy says:

      domestic short hair ( 97% of cats )

      aka no particular breed

      aka mutt

      aka moggy

      aka heinz 57

    3. CiaoBella says:

      She honestly looks like a regular Domestic Short Hair but depends on where you got her i guess like if they knew what she was? She has a unique personality but the whole peeing thing I read in a book is either she doesn’t like a certain aspect of their daily lives or that she has a urinary tract infection. Maybe you should take her to the vet and have them look at her?