What are this VERY small kind of worms in dog's food.?

What are this VERY small kind of worms in dog's food.?


My dog’s food started stinking and it had this kind of "dust" but when you look closer you see this VERY tiny worms walking all over the food. We throw it away but now this worms keep forming a "layer" over my dog’s water bowl. We washed and disinfected the water bowl several times but they just keep coming back. How can I get rid of them? Are they dangerous for my dog?
The woms are white

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7 Responses to “What are this VERY small kind of worms in dog's food.?”

  1. statecalifornia2009 says:

    hmm the dog foods is already old and need to threw the whole dog bag in the trash and get a new dog bag. it better you buy those medium sizes carbon plastic box where you can pour the dogs foods inside and to keep the food warm and stealed up so it wouldnt get very old or smell bad. .

  2. Mutt *Boycotts NFL* says:

    Sounds like maggots.. gross.

    Get the UPC code or whatever off the bag of dog food then contact the pet food company. And complain.

    Throw it out, they are not good for yourdog.

  3. Jenny says:

    1) throw away the dog food and get new dog food; buy a tubberware/rubbermaid sealable container and put the food in that…. never leave dog food in the bag it came in

    2) thuroughly wash everything; try getting a new water and food dish if it continues to happen after you do step one and previous to this comment.

    3)if the problem doesnt ceis to exist talk to your local pet store or consult your vet about it…. they will definately know

  4. Irexiak says:

    As Erika said, maggots.

  5. Erika says:

    Sounds like maggots are they are bad for your dog. Clean and disinfect the floor and everything else.

    Store the food in an air tight container and don’t keep it out.

  6. Travis says:

    the dog food bag is contaminated. throw it out and keep new bag sealed.

  7. Amanda R says:

    Sounds like maggots, or possibly Indian Moth Larve…working around dog food all day, we don’t see a lot of this, but every now and again it get’s out of hand. The dust is left from the bugs as they eat, and they could also be the stink. Call the manufacturer of the food and let them know where you bought it, so they can figure out the cause, and most places will refund the bag if you just bought it. They’re not dangerous, but aren’t good either.

    Rinse out the food and water bowls in the dishwasher, or with a mild bleach water. If you don’t already, look into a dog food storage container, or even a rubbermaid tote to get the food out of the bag right away. The eggs are laid in the paper bags of dog food, and when they hatch all those bugs tunnel into the food. If left long enough, they will turn into a moth that’s about as big as a dime that’s a brownish-tan color.