What are the policies on bringing animals to Europe from the US?


Im moving to Scotland in September for school and I want to bring my dog with me. Someone told me she would have to be in quarantine for 6 months. Is this true? What do I need to do in order to bring her over? I assume she would need to be quarantined, but for 6 months?! That seems a little excessive. What is quarantine like? Is it like a horrible kennel or can I visit her or what?

Also, can I travel back and forth with her or does she have to be quarantined every time I go from one country to another?

She is a small, 18lb Beagle, has her shots all up to date, only a year old, pure bred, no aggression problems or anything like that, no bugs or worms or health issues….

Any info is great, even if you could point me towards a website or something, it would be appreciated!

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3 Responses to “What are the policies on bringing animals to Europe from the US?”

  1. Ama says:

    I know what to do for traveling(moving to Japan) and I know there is a way to cut down the quarantine time to less than twelve hours upon arrival-but you will need to plan way ahead of time. She will need to be micro chipped and have files made for her travel(which your vet can help you with) getting the paperwork done ahead of time will help lessen the time she is in quarantine but it takes three to four months to get it prepared.

    I want to write more-sadly my computer is being extremely difficult and making it hard to do so instead I will direct you to the page that offers all information on importing/exporting cats or dogs to Scotland.


    I apologize that I can not be more help. Good luck!

  2. Just me says:


    That should help you find the right info.

  3. Munchkin says:

    no more quarantine, you need to get the dog a pet passport … it takes approximately six months to get so take that into consideration … once you have the passport you will be able to move around europe with the dog … your dogs health currently is irrelevant … the pet passport rules are very strict and have to be followed to the tee otherwise when you land they will send the dog back or have it humanely euthanized …