What are some rock songs that pump you up?

What are some rock songs that pump you up?


Like "Alpha Dog" by Fall Out Boy or "Just a Day" by Feeder

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19 Responses to “What are some rock songs that pump you up?”

  1. hirsa says:

    any stuff by guns n roses and also these:
    you shook me allnight long – tnt – highway to hell by ac/dc
    tie your mother down – crazy little thing called love by queen

  2. ? says:

    any ac/dc or megadeth song

  3. Sister Midnight says:

    We’re not gonna take it by Twisted Sister

  4. Hawk says:

    Its not my time- 3 doors down

  5. Dylan says:

    pump it up-elvis costello

  6. kaneisflyÖ says:

    i will not bow – breaking benjamin
    almost easy – avenged sevenfold

  7. TexHabsfan says:

    Big League by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider – great pump up song before hockey !!

  8. The Glorious S.O.B. says:

    "I’m Free" Geoff Moore & the Distance
    "Phenomenon" Thousand Foot Krutch
    "Crazy Beat" Blur
    "Get Free" The Vines
    "Hate to Say I Told You So" The Hives
    "All My Life" Foo Fighters

  9. Charlios says:

    Hardcore Punk songs. Just take a look back at the violence it caused in the 80’s, because of it.

  10. mandaxxbabyy says:

    crush em – megadeath

    goood stuff (:

  11. Retard Pride says:

    – could lead you to interesting things

  12. ricardo c says:

    Killing in the Name -Rage Against the Machine
    Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine
    Fuck the Police-Rage Against the Machine
    The King Of Rock "N Roll -Daniel Lioneye
    Wicked Game (666 Remix) HIM
    Right Here in My Arms HIM
    Scarified Paul Gilbert
    The Body Of Death Of The Man with the Body of Death by Pinkly Smooth (RIP The Rev)
    McFly Pinkly Smooth
    Made in Hell Gorgeus Frankenstein
    Last Caress Misfits
    my all time favorite song is Feisty Cadavers by my idol John 5

  13. Dan says:

    Driven and Stick it Out- Rush
    Enter Sandman and Master of Puppets- Metallica
    Get Inside- Stone Sour
    Paradise city when it goes all crazy lol

  14. Davis says:

    I Will Not Bow Breaking Benjamin
    Roit Three Days Grace

  15. Mike P says:

    anything by Trapped Under Ice

  16. AcetheRace says:

    Fancy’s "Wild Thing"
    Rough Cutt’s "Piece of My Heart"

  17. Jimmy Page (axed) says:

    Classic rock songs.

  18. John L says:

    "Battery" by Metallica

  19. Jody says:

    Ok heres my list.
    2.Iron Man-Black Sabbath
    3.Bulls on Parade-RATM
    4.Sleep Now In the Fire-RATM
    5.She Builds Quick Machines-Velvet Revolver
    6.Hot for Teacher-Van Halen
    7.Welcome to the Jungle
    9.Smells like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
    10.One Step Closer-Linkin Park
    p.s. RATM is rage against the machine