Westminster Dog Show: Best In Show


Meet “Diamond Jim”, this year’s dog show champion.

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    10 Responses to “Westminster Dog Show: Best In Show”

    1. aureavenus says:


    2. akbossman says:

      Letterman is a dip

    3. chuckbutt says:

      Hey… that wasn’t a dog!

    4. colekiko says:

      CBS should shoot itself

    5. 8Badger8 says:


    6. psychomelodramajean says:

      can anyone tell me what the comedic element to this was supposed to be?
      there was nothing tangibly funny about this clip.
      usually I like them, but this was just dry.

    7. lewoo89 says:

      complete trash..

    8. caa1000 says:

      How nuts can this become?

    9. mysteriotraxion says:


    10. angelsgurl says:

      that sucked…wasnt funny at all!! CBS needs to put CSI: Maimi on here then I’ll be happy!