we recently adopted a dog and i have some questions?


this dog has been physically abused but he is an awesome dog…minds well, tame, been thru obedience training, etc…but… he does not know how to interact with our other two dogs and. he is not aggressive unless the other dogs get in his face…but, even then, it is minimal…just snippy. he does not know how to play with the other dogs and he doesnt even know how to play with a ball. he will only go potty once a day…he kennels up great too. how do i get him to play and socialize w the other dogs? any suggestions? my daughter took him from some guy in a truck that was hitting, kicking, throwing things at him, screaming at him, etc….i have tried gettn n the floor and playing but he just comes over and lays down…any suggestions would b greatly appreciated. thanks

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    6 Responses to “we recently adopted a dog and i have some questions?”

    1. Canine Caretaker says:

      It may take a good deal of time for him to become used to playing with other dogs. I’ve heard of previously abused dogs taking literally months to learn how to play, it just takes a lot of patience and positive reinforcement. Play games like fetch with the other dogs in his presence and reward him when he behaves in a friendly manner towards the other dogs to show him what fun it can be. I’m happy to hear you’re giving this poor soul a second chance at life, good luck.

    2. maybell says:

      oh no!! poor thing,going to take time.i hated went people do that to a animals.so sad……animals lover

    3. ms manners says:

      You just need to give him plenty of time, and let him spend (supervised) time with your dogs.

      I have a foster dog who has been with me for four and a half months. She was very fearful when she came, and had no idea how to play.
      Its just in the last month that she has become more relaxed, and started playing with my dogs.

    4. Night_owl says:

      Play with your other dogs- don’t force him into it. Once he sees your other dogs interacting with you and having fun he will eventually join too. It might take days/weeks/months- just keep giving him opportunities to see and play and join in.

    5. Dani says:

      you can try training, but i suggest just giving him some time.. he will get used to them eventually… you will see… hes probably just scared and doesnt know whats going on right now. when he realizes they wont hurt him and that they are gonna be around for good, he will be more friendly

    6. panache says:

      He many never play with toys or balls,several of my rescues have never played.With time he will trust his new environment,keep things consistent and loving and he will warm up at his own pace