Watch Me contest entry [Young Roo]


i got a webcam, and this is my first video with it..lucky destorm 😀’s my contest entry, i made a quick verse explaining basically my main goal of 2011, and i hope to stick to it also, if you dont know, my first name is joey Lyrics: Welcome to 2011, this is the year to watch the name young roo rise above the heavens im about to launch my music career to another level watch me become top dog, head of the kennel but i have more goals than that in 2-0-1-1 though i mean its about time to see how high my grades go striving for success it might be a little late but who knows, it all depends on a little fate. so hard work and determination may seem cliche but im letting the whole world know theres gunna be a new definition of DJ im talking bout after i graduate high school i gotta work harder and harder everyday, gotta work my way into medical school, get my diploma and put that on display on the line imma put up the initials DJ not disc jockey, but doc joey i got high goals im reachin for so watch me rise up off this floor im goin in like never before

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4 Responses to “Watch Me contest entry [Young Roo]”

  1. kazidelicious says:

    good luck! i entered to please check it out if ya get a chance.

  2. BallzandWeiner says:

    So much competition…I’m lovin it….Can you please check mine out it was just me and my kids havin fun but it means alot to my lil girl….PLEASE RATE AND THUMBS UP TO YOU:)

  3. moosejwb says:

    @InMyDomeMusic already did earlier did some nice work man 😀

  4. InMyDomeMusic says:

    Nice Flow , Work on it a bit but it’s dope so far keep this shit up!!!!!! come check my Verse if you don’t mind … Get the videos coming bro