Was the most stupid Goodell move of 2010/11 not making a legit offer to the screwed Super Bowl ticketholders?


Now that the screwed ticket holders are suing, lets look back at what Rog the Genius did. The people get screwed, Rog gives them hot dogs, beer and a hi def TV to watch the game, 3X the value of their tickets, plus tickets to next year’s game. Weak. No reimbursement of travel expenses, which are steep. If Rog would have come out and said "we screwed up, and we will make this right by reimbursing everyone’s travel expenses to and from Dallas" I think he’d look like a standup guy.

On the other hand, it is hilarious that Cowboys owner Phyllis Diller is getting sued as well.

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    3 Responses to “Was the most stupid Goodell move of 2010/11 not making a legit offer to the screwed Super Bowl ticketholders?”

    1. Donnie says:

      really reimburse everyone for their travel expenses? of the 400 "displaced fans" over half of them were still in the stadium.. they’re getting 2400 bucks and a superbowl ticket to a future one of their choosing, which if they’re smart, they’ll wait till it’s in their hometown or around it (to save on travel expenses).. i guarantee you that those "displaced fans" still had a helluva time.. it’s just that they (like majority of americans) are looking for a hand-out.. no one is happy with what they have.. they should send those people to a third world country for a week.. they would come back and they’d be happy with what they have, they’d be happy to even have been given the 2400 bucks..

    2. bdloving says:

      um, if you read the tickets (which are a valid contract btw) he was under no obligation to do anything. It was dam decent to offer what he did. It was not his fault idiots paid scalpers 3k for tickets. And he is not responsible for weather.

    3. ★Fuсk Israel★ says:

      What more do they want? Blow jobs from Goodell?