Very low current water heating?


One of my friends is living in a hostel in India (220V AC power) and he is facing a really big problem because there is no hot water there and the town is in a cold place and in the mornings the water is very cold. He thought of using a portable immersion water heater but unfortunately the fuse trips every time the heater is connected. Apparently the power socket does not support enough power even for a hair dryer. My question is if it is possible to make any modification to a portable immersion heating element so that it will heat very slowly using just a small amount of current? I know only high school electricity concepts but it does seem to make sense to me that it is possible but I do not know for sure. Even an immersion heater which can just bring a bucket of water to 30 degrees overnight would be very helpful but I was wondering if it is possible.

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    2 Responses to “Very low current water heating?”

    1. George says:

      You could get a small low wattage water heater that is designed for RVs.

    2. D M says:

      If even a hair dryer trips the circuit off, there’s not much hope in heating water, as hairdryers typically draw about 6 amps on 220v.
      His best bet would probably be to draw water the night before and set the vessel close to the heat source for the room. It would at least take the chill off the water. He could also heat with a sterno-type heat source

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