Valentines gift for him?


Ok, we have been dating for almost a month, will be a month on the 12th <3 and valentines day is coming up. I need gift Ideas!
I’m 16 in may, he is 17-going on 18 this year. We don’t have sex or anything, we are both waiting for the wedding day <3, havn’t even kissed yet…We wernt offically dating until last tuesday. before that we just hung out but in both our heads it was a date, also we would act like a couple. He had already asked me out in december but I had just been asked out by someone else so I said no. Shortly after I realized I did want to date him and just kinda tried hinting at him until I got bored of waiting and when people asked if we were dating I got to the point of saying "not sure" so I asked him if we were and 5minutes later my facebook pg said I was in a relationship 🙂
He is some info about us :)…I gave him the nickname Turtle, his name is franklin and it reminded me of franklin the turtle (tv show). we txt constantly, been on 3 dates, I use him as a chair at lunch, 1st date:meet the folkers 2nd date: I tought him how to skate on rollar blades…he had a messed up childhood so he doesnt know how to ride a bike either. 3rd date(last night): bowling. mostly us cuddling and talking though.
He goes to my school, he wants to travel everywhere like me, we are both christians, he is 6ft tall, I’m about 5’1-4…have checked in a while. I love running, he loves to hike, both love blue, he wants to b suffin that gets lots of money, I want to be a missionary out of the US, we both like dogs(me only small dogs…bad experiance with tall dogs-had 2 get my chin glued at the hospital), he use to b in a bowling leage, I lik soccer most…I think that shld b enough to give ideas! 🙂 thanks!

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    3 Responses to “Valentines gift for him?”

    1. Val Entine says:

      It’s always hard to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Thank God, with technology you can search for gifts, order, gift wrap and have them shipped to their door, all from the comfort of your home!

    2. Caroline says:

      a box of chocolates its simple but thoughful and maybe a funny sining card!

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