Two Part Dog Question?

Two Part Dog Question?


Ok so this is a two parter pick which one you want to answer unless you want to answer both.

Question one to raw feeders on here who do frankenprey or whole prey – Guinea pigs yay or nay? If you have tried this how did your dogs take to having this added to the menu? (inspired by the GP thread in yahoo’s Raw Feeding group)

Question Two: This is more general but I am just curious; when has it EVER been okay to leave a whelping bitch alone while giving birth and just checking on her every now and then? (this is in response to more than a few answers with this very same advice). Sure animals have been giving birth for years unassisted by any owner or breeder should have the common sense to be in the room right? Why does anyone think this advice is good to give out and not in fact dangerous?
BB – cuz i like to make people think. Honestly i have never been fond of GPs so I think I could handle it and hey rabbits are pets to lol. I guess it would depend on the supplier prices. I haven’t made up my mind yet, at this points the basics, baring any allergies : poultry(take your pick), beef, rabbit, bison. Anything else depending on prices. Of course i am also up in mooseland so i am sure i will be able to get plenty of that too

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5 Responses to “Two Part Dog Question?”

  1. Coly says:

    I feed raw… I would never feed a guinea pig. I keep them as pets and they are part of my family 🙂

    I have never bred so I’m not sure on this one, but personally, I wouldn’t leave her alone while she gave birth… too much could go wrong in too short a time.

  2. burnt_in_wood says:

    I feed raw. but not guinea pigs.. Though at work we do give them to the predators ( got bob cats and Birds O.P at work and they love them)

    when it comes to whelping. We leave our bitches totally alone to whelp, But have a web cam in the room so we can watch without bothering the mother unless she absolutely needs it. Though one of our girls wont whelp unless someone is with her. she whines, barks, cries and paces until someone sits with her. it all depends on the dog, and I honestly believe the least amount of interferance the better.

  3. ♥Love is WDR♥ says:

    Never fed guinea pig, I haven’t fed raw yet, but I’m going to feed the medallions eventually.

    I’m not sure. Yes, animals have been doing it naturally for ages, but these are not wild animals. These are pets, family members, and WE’VE caused them to be pregnant. So many problems can be solved by simple vigilance during whelping. Should a pregnant woman be left to her own devices because ancient human gave birth without hospitals?

  4. Mama says:

    I don’t feed raw and I don’t breed dogs, but I do know that my aunt (who used to breed Bassets) would always stay in the room with the mother dog if she could (sometimes Mama would go into labor while she was gone or something and she’d just come home to puppies). Except for one dog that would actually get kind of irate if she didn’t have privacy, so she’d leave her be and just poke her head in every five or ten minutes to be sure nothing was going wrong.

    The dog would actually get angry and try to get out of the room or hide if there was somebody in there while she was in labor and that posed a bigger risk to hers and the puppies’ safety than just leaving and looking in every little bit.

  5. ♪♫Boxer Bootie♫♪ has a Labrador? says:

    ugh, why do you ask all the hard questions!!!

    I dont think I could feed close to a pet.
    I already have to make Mason kill the chickens so I can feed the dogs, if not they would starve!

    It really would depend on the bitch, sire and breed of dog

    EX: 2 chis mate, the bitch NEEDS to be watched
    boxers, could give birth with just a watchful eye

    ADD: I raised rabbits for food when I was younger, then sold them for 5 bucks a pop..they are not pets to me, so Its ok!

    oh, WOW I never thought to ask the hunters for extra, wild think if I gave them a few $$ I could get the meat?