Trying to potty train my puppy.She keeps soiling her crate.No den instincts.Help!?


My female toy poodle puppy is 5 mos. old. I got her when she was 10 wks. old. The breeder used puppy pads. I am trying to train her to go outside. She soils her crate and has no den instincts at all. My husband is treatening to have me sell her if I can’t get her potty trained soon. He doesn’t like dogs in the house if they are not trained. We don’t want our house to smell bad from a dog messing on the carpet. When she is not in her crate I tend to hold her alot because I am scared to let her down when my husband is home because I am worried she will have an accident and he will be upset with both of us! I love her to pieces and want her to be able to roam the house and not have accidents and especially no accidents in her crate. Last night my son was holding her and playing with her and she pee’d on the couch! Boy was my husband upset. I really have to get her trained soon! I appreciate any ideas. Thank you!
Thank you so much to all that have responded so quickly so far.There are some great ideas posted.I wanted to clarify something, after reading my question I realized that I made my husband sound mean.I was just trying to give as many details as possible to get great answers.He really does like her and when he gets home from work he plays with her.He is just on me hard to get her trained.Like last night when she pee’d on the couch he told me that the reason he didn’t want an inside dog was because eventually if she is not trained then we will have a smelly house.I feel like I am trying…I give lots of praise when she goes outside and then I let her roam free in the house.If she does not go then I put her back in her crate and then try again in a little while.I give her treats when she goes outside.She is very smart and has learned tricks already.I researched a lot about breeds and poodles are one of the most intelligent breed.I don’t think he will make me sell her, it is just a threat.

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5 Responses to “Trying to potty train my puppy.She keeps soiling her crate.No den instincts.Help!?”

  1. hocus pocus pudding&pie. says:

    The answer above is quite complete. But something I found that was really helpful when I had to potty train my puppy was finding out around what time of day she does her stuff. I know it sounds like an absurd task, but you’ve got to take your poodle outside for however long it takes until she does her number 1 or number 2. It is crucial to reward her with either a small edible treat, a toy she is particularly attached to, or by over-dramatically praising her, verbally. All dogs tend to always have to go immediately after a night’s rest, and during the evening, sometime after their last meal. However, you should bring her out as many times as you think she usually goes per day. I take my jack russell for a walk around 5 times a day, but things may be different for every dog. I know it sounds like a tedious amount of time, but you may have to go over this routine with your canine companion for as long as 3 months. A puppy’s critical period of learning happens during the first 6 months, so I strongly urge you to try to stick with this routine constantly for at least 1 month, seeing that your pup is already 5 months old. After a month, it may get a little harder to teach her new tricks.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Terrier Lady says:

    The crate is most likely too big – try and get a divider. maybe puppy pants (doggy diapers) would help in the short term.

  3. crystalchaffins says:

    She is maybe picking up on this fear of yours about her soiling the carpet. Dogs can sense that kind of thing and the fact that you hold her so much might create some serious separation anxiety problems. I think as far as training her to go outside keep a close eye on her and when you catch her tell her no and take her outside. When she finishes outside praise her. Try not to feel worried accidents are bound to happen. A good scrub brush and some puppy scent remover should do the trick. Best of luck I hope this helped a little!

  4. Amai says:

    You have to train the same way you would for a puppy with den instincts, only it will take longer. You need to be consistent. You need to catch the dog in the act and give a firm correction (verbal, never physical. Try a sharp no, shh, or naah growl) and then escort your dog promptly to where you want it to pee. And once it’s done it’s business in that area, praise it lavishly.

    Also, make sure you are taking it outside to pee enough to start with, and waiting until it does business. (If your dog won’t, try a neighborhood pole, especially if your dog has a habit of marking it on walks.)

    Another thing, is your dog could be nervous peeing, which is like tail wagging and uncontrolled by the brain. In which case, you need to work on confidence with your dog, and make sure no one in the house is frightening it.

  5. bostonterriersamericangentleman says:

    I am sorry to say you are expecting to much out of a 5 month old puppy. Puppies have accidents and will continue to do so. As far as the crate you need to take that pup out every 1-2 hours to go potty. Say :Go Potty she will learn to associate the act with the words. If she chooses not to go you put her back in the crate and wait one more hour. This can take weeks and months. I am sorry to say that your husband should have realized this and if he did not have the patience for a puppy you should not have gotten one. You would not give a child back because they made mistakes.