Travel from Alaska through Canada?


I am planning on moving from Alaska to North Carolina and would like to drive down. What documents do I need (other than a passport) to get across the borders? Do I need to declare everything I have in my trailer? And also, is a rabies certificate all I need for my two dogs? Do they need to be kenneled or can they just be in the back seat? I won’t have any firearms (I don’t own any) I’ve read that they cause problems at the border though, is there any other items that will cause problems for me? Any information would be great!

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3 Responses to “Travel from Alaska through Canada?”

  1. old lady says:

    Not sure about the dogs – contact the border officials to find out for sure on that. Documents? Other than a passport, make sure you have your car registration, and valid insurance. Yes, you will have to declare the contents of your trailer.It’s easier if you make up a list as you are packing the trailer and then you’ll have it ready for customs.

  2. Leafer says:

    Well…as long as you have a passport you won’t need anything else..and as long as you have no ‘firearms (and I’m assuming no tazers or stun guns etc)and the dogs have their shots-that’s probably about all the Canadian Customs are going to ask you about.They might want to see your vehicle registration and proof of insurance-I’m certain your dogs will be fine in the back seat-but have some form of restraint nearby in the event they decide to search the vehicle.Sitting down before you leave and making a "general" list of what you have wouldn’t hurt-for example I wouldn’t count every knife ,fork and spoon-I’d just put "kitchen utensils". One thing you might want to check with Canada Customs on though-is dog food-some pet foods with certain ingredients aren’t allowed in Canada(and they are actually pretty strict about it)-which might make for some angry pooches,,,other than that I can’t think of anything else offhand-Good Luck.

  3. thinkingtime says:

    You’ll need an inventory of the contents of your trailer, certificate of shots for the dogs and some sort of document, say job or college offer to prove you are in fact heading for the States and not dropping out of view in Canada.

    Presumably you know what that road out of Alaska is like?