TRADE SECRETS – Clean Beautiful Carpet – El Paso Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaner

TRADE SECRETS – Clean Beautiful Carpet – El Paso Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaner


Call 820-0056 -Confidential Video Reveals Personal Endorsement from Coach Price and Mrs. Price About FiberCARE That Carpet Cleaners and Carpet Retailers Have Been Keeping From You… Until Now. Visit:

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    25 Responses to “TRADE SECRETS – Clean Beautiful Carpet – El Paso Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Cleaner”

    1. TheRand1111 says:

      Great video testimonial and a awesome video with the rx-20 I am a iicrc certified master technician and it looks to me like you are doing a great job.

    2. TULFO0210 says:

      Good job Mrs. Price, but your body language is telling me your’re not really satisfied as the edges and corners still looks dirty ,this guys did not do a thorough job. The machine is the state of the art and made in U.S . not made in China

    3. jeamsanna says:

      Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com fghfg

    4. chiero57 says:

      I’m gonna move to El Freakin’ Paso just so I can try these freakin guys!

    5. chqflyer says:

      Dude.. what did you do… get your parents or neighbors to do that commercial? And your before and after pics aren’t even the same. What happened to the fireplace?

    6. bretmaverick says:

      I’ve been cleaning for 22 years using hydramaster “truck mounted” equipment and use the power head on commercial jobs only and/or a rental that is trashed. Not high end residencial. P.S. – Good thing it was a round room! P.S.S. – I clean for the Holmgrens. Bret

    7. bretmaverick says:

      Rx-20 Rotory Heads work great if you first cut-in all corners and edges with a wand first! Keep in mind a round head doesn’t clean a square corner NOR does it clean up tight to the baseboards because of the protective bumper that protects the baseboards from getting beaten up. In this video I see at least a 1/4 inch of filtration (grey dust matter along edge of baseboard) that should have already been addressed prior to cleaning this way. Good luck and pre clean those corners and edges FIRST !

    8. LibertyServices says:

      Way to go – celebrity clients rock.

    9. istiklalcaddesi says:

      The best choice for stain resistance is S.D.N. “solution dyed nylon” fibre carpet. To be honest you dont even need steam cleaning for those carpets. I sell them!

    10. livephc says:

      Yea it all depends on the carpet honestly. I do it for a living. There were pretty cool results though i have to say.

    11. lostneutral says:

      Wow i wish fibercare would of done this for me,some jackass came did a crappy job and try to overprice me,$400.00 for 3 rooms???

    12. brdgts says:

      Great Endorsement! I’ve seen several videos showing their work and still cant believe they can restore those filthy carpets back to brand new.

    13. smecham7 says:

      Your company provides excellent service. We need more cleaners like you.

    14. gdwrds says:

      GREAT! We need more cleaners like you.

    15. maxigart says:

      Awesome Service! I am really impressed with their ability to remove spots and customer service. I especially appreciate how punctual they are and that they didnt rush thru the cleaning.

    16. ldldivj says:

      Great testimonial. Must be a superior company. You can’t fake a testimonial like this!

    17. FayeW101 says:

      I can’t believe how great Emilio left my carpets. My carpets were so dirty and ugly that I just wanted to tear them out. Emilio did his magic. I can’t believe how he took out all the spots out MY CARPETS LOOK AND SMELL LIKE NEW! Thanks a million

    18. Patty6537 says:

      My carpet is 110% better. You gave my carpet new life. You dont only come clean the carpet, you also educate clients on how to care for it yourself. That is PRICELESS! Thanks for removing all the ugly greasy traffic lanes on my carpet. I didn’t have to replace it!


    19. richstrich says:

      Sounds like you take great care of your customers. Too bad you guys don’t live here…I’d hire you!

    20. thatextratouch says:

      Wow, is all I can say. Keep up the good work Emilio, El Paso is lucky.

    21. AlliedCarpetCleaning says:

      From one professional carpet cleaning company to another, you guys look like you take great care of your clients. Great Job!

    22. akcarpetman says:

      Great testimonial!!!

    23. finecarpetcare says:

      Wow, great testimonial. You are the leader in carpet cleaning in El Paso, Texas.

    24. parentswin says:

      Wow, great testimonial. You guys do an awesome job.

    25. EthicalCleaner says:

      Awesome results the Best in El Paso!