Took in a stray dog… What have I gotten myself into?!?!?

Took in a stray dog… What have I gotten myself into?!?!?


A couple days ago a stray dog came walking up to my front door sat right next to me. I went inside and grabbed a leash and (with a little coaxing with treats) got the leash around his neck. I walked him around the neighborhood asking about him but nobody I talked to had seen him before. He is a pretty little 25 pound beagle mix, maybe a year or two old, so my wife and I decided to give him a home until we could contact an owner…..
This is where the fun starts…..
My wife and I watch a lot of "dog whisperer", "its me or the dog", "pitbulls and parolees", and all those other dog shows, and we also have a personal dog trainer for our other two dogs (a rottweiler and a pitbull / german shepherd mix) so i thought we had a decent amount of knowledge on dogs. We took all three dogs for a walk together and they all got along great so we finally decided to introduce him to the inside of our house. As soon as we brought him inside he began peeing on furniture, pooping on the floor, and humping… Ooohh the humping! I have seen humping before but this guy will stare at my female pitbull mix and attempt to hump her, hump the air around her, hump the male rottweiler, go back to humping her, etc. etc. etc. for hours on end! the first night he was here he literally humped her for 4 hours, stopping only to drink water.
He also will not poop outside. He pees on every bush, tree, grass, couch, and wall we have, but he is determined to put every steaming pile right in the middle of our living room, kitchen, wherever. I correct him with a leash, training aids (mesh disks with chain link in them), loud noises, clapping, squirt bottles, you name it… and he just stares at me! i rush to take him outside before he finishes and when we get out there, he stares at me! I have been crating him for a half hour or so then take him outside, if he doesnt poop he goes right back in the kennel. Well he can’t stay in there all day long, so the first chance he gets to walk on some carpet or the hard kitchen floor, im cleaning up a mess.
He was obviously abused because he is still a little sketchy of human contact, and im not sure he has ever been inside a house before because he treats it like a giant bathroom. He is a great dog when it is just me and him (except for the carpet thing) but as soon as you add our other dogs, it is just one long hump-fest.
If we cant find the owner we will either have to sell him or keep him so i would really like to break him of these habits (and God knows I’m trying). My wife and I have done all of the things I have mentioned as well as quite a few others trying to train this poor dog, but he just doesnt want to be submissive, doesnt want to listen, and will not quit humping! (I am watching him do it right now). Please someone with more experience than me help me out here. Since he has been around, it is complete chaos around here and my other dogs are beginning to pick up on his bad traits and they dont listen to us as much anymore. Please help me train this dog!

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    15 Responses to “Took in a stray dog… What have I gotten myself into?!?!?”

    1. rdowdey says:

      Sounds like a Beagle! I think they come by a lot of these traits naturally. But they are a great dog once you get all the Beagle attitude out of them. They need lots of exercise and running room and I mean a lot of exercise. Mine will go out in the yard and hunt for rabbits, squirrels, birds or what ever he can find and be out there regardless of the weather for 6 – 8 hours continuously running. But when he finally wears out he is a great dog. We put in a doggy door so he can come in and out when he wants (he kinda thinks he is the boss). Again Lots of exercise. Good Luck

    2. Leticia Cooke says:

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    3. Alessandro Brooks says:

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    4. james manaqeule says:

      Your an idiot, your dog should be taken away from you.

    5. Myra says:

      Since you already have two dogs and you don’t know if this one has even had shots I’m sorry but it needs to go the animal shelter.They can check to see if the dog has been micro-chipped or tattooed. If the dog looked like it hadn’t been starved chances are he belongs to someone and they may be looking for him. At least call the shelter and see if anyone has reported it missing and will they check for chip.

    6. Logan Peterson says:

      Hit her, like with a shoe,DONT ABUSE.

      It might sound harsh, but if you do it he will respect you.

      Have you seen the dog whisperer??
      He gives them a kick to know who is in CONTROL!

      Do it and you will see….

    7. Cuttlefish. ^^ says:

      Humping is bad. He’s trying to make himself the boss of the house…and everybody else is just LETTING him! Get him neutered! As for the bathroom thing…that’s a big no-no. He’s establishing his territory. I’ve had both cats and dogs before. If a cat poops everywhere, then it’s either that its not trained or it’s letting you know that it doesn’t give a *&^% that it’s YOUR house. Put him outside. Stomp your feet and yell at him everytime he does something bad. LOUD. Quarantine him in the bathroom for three or more hours. Or worse, GIVE HIM A BATH as well. Any smart dog will know they did wrong. If his ears don’t go back, then tie him outside, with the kennel. I know you don’t believe in force but sometimes it’s needed with dogs because they can’t understand anything else. And it’s not like you’re hurting him or anything, but he won’t like it. Maybe use a rolled up newspaper and hit his nose/head. Not too hard, but enough to let him know. And when you yell at him, stand up to your full height and point the newspaper stick at him. Look big and make a lot of noise (yell and stomp feet as you walk towards him), because YOU’RE THE BOSS.

    8. bluebonnetgranny says:

      "dogs humping’

      "how to stop dog humping"

      After checking out a few of these sites you will understand that it is not a ‘habit’. It is an instinctive behavior & not canine specific. It boils down to a dominance issue. Learn about it & there are sites included that will help you learn how to stop it.

    9. momoftwobestkids says:

      The humping and the peeing are signs of dominance he wants to be the top dog. I would say he has never had any training at all. If you keep him first order of business should be to get him fixed. You are on the rite path with the crate training No he cant stay in there all day without being let out but yep he can and should stay in there unless you have him by your side, he is eating, or outside. Take him out often to go when you do take him out of the crate put his leash on him before he exits the cage. take him to the door no stopping along the way. walk him around walking makes them go. if he goes praise him and let him inside with you for playtime. if he does not go just walk him back inside and place him back into the crate. Also the crate is not meant for punishment it should be his cave. So do not scold him when putting him in there make it fun like let’s go to bed or give him a treat. The only time he should have free time is after he has done all his business outside and then you still keep an eye on him. Hope this helps. and good luck.

    10. Carma says:

      when dogs hump its a sign of stress and you should get him fixed but once he learns to hump he always will it he humps other dog pull him off but if he humps the air let him also humping is in the genetics. Male and female dogs hump if the genital area is irritated and itchy.

    11. collegegrllstress says:

      Maybe he has an infection and the humping helps the itching or something. it is a dominance thing. Getting the dog fixed should help some behavior problems.

    12. LuLu says: to contact personal trainer and have the beagle nutered, especially if u r going to keep him

    13. ladystang says:

      take to shelter
      how can you sell a dog you don’t own?

    14. Giagal says:

      Do not let him hump! This is a sign of dominance. Take him by the collar and get him off of the other dogs, or push him off. When he humps the air, clap your hands and yell "NO!" or squirt him with a spray bottle.

    15. hagmegsis aka comets mommy says:

      One thing that wold help a lot is if you get him neutered. He should stop humping or at least not as much. For the submissive thing. Hold him on his side and don’t let him go until he gives in and relaxes. This is what the alpha dog would do in a pack.
      As for the rest room in the house thing start him from the basics. He is not house broken and needs to be trained. You could find a book on it at the library or a book store. I would keep him in the crate at night or when you are not home.