theres something alive in the basket


my pet duck charlie

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    2 Responses to “theres something alive in the basket”

    1. thejseppishow says:

      @CreekValleyCritters yeah it was pretty sad but had to move on so i got another duck . u might be right it cud be a female . but going by there quacking he/she has a loud quack compaared to the other ducks on the farm were i got him . and oprah s doing grat i will make an updated on her and it will e on the jodeyboy channel . and nw everyday i take carlos for a walk he is a much calmer donkey now hes doing great to .:)

    2. CreekValleyCritters says:

      I like your new duck (shame about Charlie 1). Are you sure this one is a Charlie and not a Charlotte? Males have a little feather curl at their tails and a different voice, but I may be wrong……………Going to be a while though before he/she is as trusting as Charlie 1, he was some duck 😀 This one is going to have some big boots to fill. How is Oprah 2 doing?