Please Subscribe! THIS IS THE ORIGINAL ULTIMATE DRUNK PEOPLE COMPILATION VIDEO!!!!! if you like this video please subscribe to my channel! press the SUBSCRIBE button! a compilation of funny drunk people hope you enjoy it 😀 music by Rob Manuel and Daniele Davoli.

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  1. MealsOnWeels47 says:

    someone get that guy a beer

  2. WTheFuq says:

    @donator6 not the lines that matter. its making him fall over drunk that makes the difference… lol faildonator6

  3. MrPessego says:

    goooooooood mixxx ahahahah 😉

  4. M042371 says:

    I love beer.

  5. msfozcbo1 says:

    You haven’t seen drunk until you’ve seen this:

  6. gtaRDmafia says:

    @donator6 because the line must be thin not a wider and easier to follow parking line!

  7. koolguygsj says:

    best song ever

  8. SPARTAN3521 says:

    @donator6 tard

  9. KittyPawSlap says:

    Hey you like people smashing thier heads on the ground?Pause the video and press 6. The unpause it. Press 6 as many times as u can, and as fast as u can.

  10. mizzzbrat says:

    LMFAO yeah but dude effen funny!! N DRUNKER’S?? they r everywhere not just on this video, just goes to show what drinking can do.

  11. DarthRoy1292 says:

    @samilitio wtf?? im just tired of these ppl who think they’re cool by copying and pasting the stupid “youtube revolution!!!!” list everywhere. nothings gonna change, and they’re all just gonna have to deal with it

  12. marthasdemo says:

    some were funny..most were simply dangerous..why would guys cheer up a drunk who is jumping for the break of his neck and ultimately into his wheel chair, if he was not lucky?? what are the spectators thinking second of laugh?? for the price of a life???people..

  13. 1tigerblood says:

    Beer is food not alcohol

  14. DrowningInOatmeal says:

    Check Out Our New Channel!

  15. linuxuser432 says:

    @pumanac1 1:any sorts of adverts are user demanded,if u dont want ads on your page u can stop them;ads that wont get away are only available if u have a director account;2:music is still uploaded by users(i hate vevo too)3:i also miss the famous yellow subscribe button,user description on the page,unlimited favourites and ratings,but things evolves

  16. Iman1990 says:

    @donator6 It’s part of the accessment. He fell on his face – therefore, he didn’t need to waste his time on the sobriety test. Wincop.

  17. multimackes says:

    hat der bei 0:35 sich verletzt?
    has injured in the 0:35?

  18. TheMatko11 says:

    bože to je kokot

  19. oBabyJesus says:

    @donator6 Because its to see whether they can balance and follow simple instructions, lol failPost

  20. pumanac1 says:

    @Themw2boi I honestly do not understand what you mean

  21. Themw2boi says:

    @pumanac1 just fuck off, theyre a tiny thing to moan about, its a way for these people to make some money off the videos they post and you want to take this away? If you really care about a little advert popping up in the middle of an advert then you are just a little prick.

  22. samilitio says:

    @DarthRoy1292 yeh……. just stfu and dont put unnecessary comments like that u little kid.

  23. Pedrofrombrazil says:

    @donator6 ‘Cause cop is on drugs or steroids

  24. TheNeedbackup says:


    its a test for drunken peoples ; ) its in germany too ^^

  25. UlaughYouLose says:

    @pumanac1 tl;dr shaddup