The real dog food fillers?


ok so everyone knows about the rice/corn ect. fillers, but recently I read something on a site(which unfortunately i cant find anymore!) that some dog foods will use small amounts of ground feathers, ground peanut shells and ground horse hair. When large enough amounts are in the foods, they are labeled something like "inert fillers" or "inert ingredients".
A test is to put equal parts water and your dogs food in a bowl, let sit for a while, strain out the water, and measure the increase in the volume of dog food. 50% or above, bad fillers. less than 50% no, or little amounts of those fillers.

Im currently doing the test on my doggies Purina food!

Please do the test on the food that you feed, and post the result after 30 mins-1 hour!
extra: raw feeders, dont do this with your meat!
Bonnie L, my dog has never done better than he has on his beneful, i wasn’t asking your opinion of the food, I know its not the best, but hes done very well on it, and the "good kinds" are expensive.
edit the above test!:
1 part food
1 part water
after all of the water has been absorbed, you shouldn’t have any more than 3 parts left
beneful passed! Only a teeny bit more than 2 parts!

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    5 Responses to “The real dog food fillers?”

    1. NemmaLie *Merry Christmas!!* says:


      I guess I will try this test with the my doggies food. I feed them Canidae ALS.

      I’ll add later my results!

      ADD: Okay, I just finished! It looks like it icreased in volume about 30 – 35%. Thats below 50% so its pretty good!

      ADD2: Wait, I don’t understand how to do the second test…

    2. Pam says:

      I believe Hill’s Science Diet r/d uses peanut hulls (shells). It was recommended to a friend that had an overweight dog. They claim it’s a "high fiber" diet.

      We’ve tried this on our dog’s food before (Taste Of the Wild High Prairie Canine), and we had right about a 20% increase in volume.

    3. Bonnie L says:

      Please don’t feed Purina. It’s one of the worse dog foods on the market. I feed Canidae, it’s not filled with all that crap.

    4. Momo~ says:

      Oooh this sounds interesting! I’m going to try it on my dog food! = D
      I know I’ve found the odd hair in the kibble before >_>


      I had a dog with colitis years ago, and he was on Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d. It was made up of a LOT of peanut hulls. It was the ONLY thing, other than steroids that kept the dog from having constant diarrhea.
      Now I would not feed that to a "normal" dog, but all kinds of things have their place and do have something to offer.

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