The Advantages of Organic Pet Food (Cat, Dog)

. http Bryan Marcel discusses the advantages of organic cat and dog food. Bryan and Autumn’s cats, Poppins and Nala have lost weight, improved the sheen of their coats and have improved energy levels since switching from regular cat food to organic cat food. Just as people benefit from a better diet, your cat or dog will also benefit from a healthier diet.

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    2 Responses to “The Advantages of Organic Pet Food (Cat, Dog)”

    1. BryanMarcelLifestyle says:

      @zestyguy87 We started with Newman’s, but the girls now prefer Organix. There are many brands that we have to avoid because of kibble size and shape. Poppy (our orange cat) has no teeth due to an auto immune disorder. She can eat certain dry foods if the kibbles are small and shaped a certain way. Otherwise she has to eat wet food. Makes it a bit challenging. 🙂

    2. zestyguy87 says:

      Was researching for best dry cat food and Newmans own was wayyy up there. Gave her the Nemans for about a month, month and a half and she was dramatically more active, lovable, and her fur got amazingly soft to the touch. Love Nemans and so does she

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