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Twix & I playing in my classroom

Tweet . Twix has been to my classroom a few times and came during parent teacher conferences as well. However, he has not been in my class when all those desks are filled with children. So, before I brought him to school with the kids, I wanted to make sure he was really comfortable […]


how to make a ramp for a guinea pig C&C Cage 001

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¥ CharlieIsSoCoolLike Purple Soup Surprise ♪

Tweet . DOWNLOAD SONG at: Charlie Is So Cool Like makes us want to SING, AND eat PURPLE SOUP, LOL =D {by the way} I just created a NEW WEBSITE, so PLEASE do stop by & VISIT at: FOR ANY OF YOU WHO MAY BE UNFAMILIAR WITH CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE, here are a couple links […]


Betty’s Super Bowl Mozzarella Sticks

Tweet . In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Super Bowl Mozzarella Sticks. These are sticks of mozzarella cheese that are coated in seasoned crumbs and deep-fried until the coating is browned and the cheese is just beginning to melt. Ingredients (for 16 mozzarella sticks): 8-oz. package mozzarella cheese, cut into 16 equally-sized sticks […]


Good Intentions 1of3 Introduction and Public Schools with Walter Williams

Tweet . Walter Williams’ PBS documentary Good Intentions based on his book, The State Against Blacks (1982). The documentary was very controversial at the time it was released and led to many animosities and even threats of murder. In Good Intentions, Dr. Williams examines the failure of the war on poverty and the devastating effect […]

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