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Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Tweet . All images are sourced from the internet. Thanks for watching. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest Thanks for the USB and Hotspot tethering. You guys are the best … Theiving Hobknobbers | Jo Beaufoix 4chan Downloader Saves All Thread Images Automatically


Testing the Doggie Door

Tweet . My Dog does not trust that the door works so she paws at it to make sure before she plunges into a wall. One smart dog! Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online


Smart Dog can Stack Bowls, Great Trick!

Tweet Crash learns how to stack bowls….Why you ask? Because I was bored and I was going to do the bubble trick but Crash doesn’t like sticking his nose in water, so we stacked bowls instead! Crash learned how to do this in just a few minutes through shaping. If the whole shaping process bores […]