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Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Tweet . All images are sourced from the internet. Thanks for watching. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest Thanks for the USB and Hotspot tethering. You guys are the best … Theiving Hobknobbers | Jo Beaufoix 4chan Downloader Saves All Thread Images Automatically


Little Video of Memphis X Caprice Pups Outside

Tweet . Memphis X Caprice pups… 8 weeks old… just a update I sell all my pups for 00. These pups are all sold… Please contact me on other litters I have for sold. These pups turned out just like the first litter litter monsters. If you looking for the #1 type pups come talk […]


I want a dog…?

Tweet . Okay, well I want either a Yorkie, Norwich Terrier or a Chihuahua. We don’t have a money problem or anything, so we can afford it. But I have a few questions… How do you train a puppy to be walked AND go to the bathroom on one of those wee-wee pads? When I […]


Best In Show

Tweet . New York is in a canine frenzy, as 133rd Westminster Kennel Dog Show will soon arrive at Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden. Licensed Westminster judge David Frei offers a preview of the festivities. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest David Frei Seeks Questions to Answer During Westminster … Lady Gaga – Paparazzi live […]


Dogs water bowls?

Tweet . Hi ….Ive got two dogs a jack russell and a puppy rotti . They have a water bowl each but use each others . One of the bowls has to be Changed once a day just to keep it fresj . But the other sometimes I change Like 3 times a day . […]

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