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Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Tweet . All images are sourced from the internet. Thanks for watching. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest Thanks for the USB and Hotspot tethering. You guys are the best … Theiving Hobknobbers | Jo Beaufoix 4chan Downloader Saves All Thread Images Automatically


Little Video of Memphis X Caprice Pups Outside

Tweet . Memphis X Caprice pups… 8 weeks old… just a update I sell all my pups for 00. These pups are all sold… Please contact me on other litters I have for sold. These pups turned out just like the first litter litter monsters. If you looking for the #1 type pups come talk […]


Automatic Dog Water Bowl

Tweet . The new Critter Cooler automatic dog water station is patented available in 3 sizes; 3.5, 5.0 & 6.5 gallons. They are indestructible and come with a lifetime warranty. This video is the “Owners Manual” which shows all the detail. or 877-6-BIG-DOG. Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest More Eagle Rifle Cases: […]


St Bernard Falls Down Stairs While Sleeping!!!!

Tweet . Jub Jub likes to sleep by the edge of the most dangerous spiral staircase stairs known to man….. he decided to sleepily roll and accidently fell down the stairs!!! Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest Contemporary Portuguese Architecture Spiral Staircase for 6000 … Jub + Leny Destination Engagement Session « Lakshmi Photography […]


any suggestions on crate/kennel training a 5 yr old dog?

Tweet . I have a 5 yr old dog whom I would like to crate while I am away from the house. He has issues with peeing and pooping on the floor while we are gone. Even if we take him out just before we leave. Also we would like him to be in there […]

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