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Tweet . We recently just moved into a new house that boasts–wait for it–a doggy door! Our little furbabies didn’t know WHAT to think. This is the first day in the new house, and their initial reactions to this newfangled contraption. Enjoy! Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites Online


Why is it they don't train and there dog is great but when I train my dog is a mess?

Tweet . I don’t get it. My brother in law has had 2 dogs in past year and both he took them in just tossed him outside if he peed on the carpet. Didn’t leash train him or crate train or told not to chew. Well the dog had maybe a few accidents (he’s had […]


boarding kennel question?

Tweet . Hi, I’m boarding my little min pin for the first time for 5 nights this week. I’m familiar with the kennel so I’m not worried about that but I do want to know what I can do to make his stay more comfortable. He’s not used to sleeping alone (he sleeps in the […]


Does a small dog need a small bowl?

Tweet . My min pin has a past history of abuse and so forth but she is the opposite of most dogs who have that history. She is VERY picky. At home she’s a free feeder but I think I’m going to start picking up her food after a few mins if she doesnt eat. […]


New puppy troubles.. well, name-wise?

Tweet . Okay, so I’ve noticed that this is a re-occuring problem with people now and days… nobody is original to name their own puppy anymore… Well, I guess I’m one too cause every name I’ve thought of my bf really doesn’t like. I got a new puppy on Halloween, she’s absolutely adorable and loves […]

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